Sunday, 12 August 2018

Summer Shoe Styling - My Go To Summer Shoes

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Welcome to today's post and if you haven't gathered from the title it's all about summer shoes. Yeah you heard right I am going to be talking all about my favourite summer shoes that I like to wear in the summer. 

I don't drastically change my shoes in the summer I just tend to switch to my lighter coloured shoes with some flip flops in their as well. So that's enough rambling and long introduction, so let's get into the post and find out my top three summer shoes. 

Valentino Rock Stud Flip Flops

This was my big purchase for the summer with regards to shoes, I have wanted a pair of Valentino flip flops for so long, So I took the plunge and treated myself to a pair. I went for the classic black as it went with most of my outfits on my holiday and I thought would be the easiest to style. 

First off lets address the comfort levels of the shoes. I honestly was dreading putting these on as I had heard that they were quite uncomfortable but I couldn't be more wrong. These are hands down some of the comfiest flip flops I have ever worn, they are so so comfy. 

Next let's address the versatility of this pair of shoes. They are super versatile, on holiday I wore them dressed down with shorts and a t shirt but also dressed up for the night time with a playsuit when I didn't want to wear heals. 
I have also worn these with jeans and a nice top since being back home as the rock studs just give them that edge. I honestly haven't found one outfit that I couldn't wear these with yet so that just shows how versatile they are. 
I also like that considering how much I have worm them they don't look that worn down at all. 

Best purchase I have made this year and they are a classic shoe that I can wear for years and years to come. I am already eyeing up my second pair and a pair of the sliders for my holidays next year. 

Havaianas Flip Flops

These are my go to summer shoe for if I am just popping to the shop or going down to my nan's. They are also my go to shoe for holiday, for me these are my go to beach or day shoe when on my summer holiday. 

Super comfy, super cute and super long lasting as this is my second year wearing these and their still going strong. There is a slight wear and tear on them but that is due to me waring them round the house a lot as well. 

Looking forward to picking up another pair for next year as well!

Ted Baker Trainers

The final pair of shoes as you can guess are my Ted Baker Trainers and they are my summer trainers. These beautiful trainers are super comfy once you break them in, until then it's ouch ouch ouch time. I love these trainers for summer due to how light they are, I also think the ribbon laces look really cute in the summer and can add to my summer outfits. 

There's not much else to say about these trainers other than how gorgeous they are how long lasting they are. I have had mine since last October so they do look a bit scuffed as I have been wearing them all summer so haven't had a chance to properly clean them, but I have cleaned them in the past and they are easy to do so!

Overall I think every woman should have a pair of Ted Baker trainers in their life as their styles are beautiful. I have even managed to convince my mum to get a pair and she adores her's as well. 

That's my top three summer shoes for summer shoe styling your outfits. If you want to see them in action head on over to my Instagram where their are you can find me wearing the shoes. I would love to know what your favourite summer shoes are in the comment's below? I hope your all having the best summer and I will see you all again on Wednesday for another post from My Tenerife Trip.

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