Sunday, 17 June 2018

My Future Career

Hey everyone,

Todays post is slightly different to what I normally post about and it is going to be all about my future career. In case you didn't know I have come to the end of my second year of university (fingers crossed I pass my exams so I have completely finished and don't have to do re sits or resubmissions) with that comes dissertation decisions and also looking into what I want to do once I leave university in a years time.

I am currently studying a combined honours degree in Business Management and Marketing as it gives me a wide range of job opportunities once I leave University. My business management course covers most areas of the business spectrum including marketing, but I choose to combine my degree with marketing in order to gain more knowledge in marketing as that is the area I want to specialise in. 

I am quite lucky in the sense that I kinda know what area I want to go into after university unlike a lot of my course mates and friends.

So what area do I want to branch into? I want to branch into digital marketing and or PR. I adore marketing, I love learning about it and seeing all the different types of marketing. I also love being able to study people's characteristics in order to find a form of marketing that would appeal to that target market.

Within that select area there are so many jobs you can branch into such as digital marketing assistant, marketing manager, beauty, travel, fashion PR. The choices for me are endless. Ideally when I graduate university I would love to get a graduate job in either beauty/travel pr or as a digital marketing assistant. I would also like to continue on with my blog and even make it into a part time job if that was possible as I am so passionate about blogging and it fits in so well with my future jobs.

The goal in the wider future would be to be either a digital marketing manager/executive, PR manager, Freelance or being a full time blogger ( although I am not sure if this would suite me).
I am quite lucky in the sense that my blog is a great portfolio for me to show any potential future employees as it showcases digital marketing and beauty/travel pr in some ways. I also plan to do my dissertation about how digital marketing and the effects it has on businesses.

Fingers crossed that in a few years time I could be working in my dream job. I hoped you enjoyed this personal post. Do you have a plan for the future? Do you know what your future Career is going to be? Let me know your thoughts in the comment's down below!

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