Monday, 16 April 2018

Heathers' World Takes On The Big Apple!! - AGAIN

Hey everyone, 

Todays post is a little impromptu and I wasn't planning on posting this till the 19th of april but I just couldn't wait. So if you can't already by the title of the post I am taking on the big apple again in April Next Year. 

This trip was so unplanned and if you watch my Instagram story's then you will know the story of how this trip came about but I will briefly go over it in this post. 

So basically I had booked a summer holiday with a travel agents who I won't name and the final chunk of my holiday was due on Saturday. Now I normally have my money ready but I had a lot come up this past month and I don't get paid till friday. So I asked the travel agents could I have an extension till friday as I get paid and unfortunately they said they don't give them anymore. I however didn't want to loose the money I already paid so they said I could change it for a holiday that was later on in the summer. Unfortunately I don't have any other weeks of work so seeing as we had to make a decision quickly we decided to put the money towards New York in April as we knew what we was getting with that and didn't want to pick a random hotel for next summer. 

We had been thinking about going back to New York next year anyway and had said how easter would be a good time to go, so that is when we are going. We originally wanted to go in june once my exams were over but they didn't have availability for june so we are going in easter. 

My plan is to make my revision books before we go and revise on the planes and in the hotel of a night. 

So yeah we go on good friday next year for five nights six days and I can't wait. If your a long time follower you will know October didn't go to plan but I can guarantee this time will. We found out yesterday that our Auntie from Australia may meet us out there and spend the time with us.

So yeah expect lots of New York related content, I can't wait to spend easter over there and be back in the city that stole my heart. I also forgot to mention that we still are going away this summer as My Grandad is a super star and is paying for us to go away and I am paying him back before we go. I am so lucky to have such amazing family who are so so generous.

So yeah there's not much else to say apart from that 2019 is looking to be a great year and why not start it off with a trip to New York. As I hopefully graduate next year there will hopefully be more trips to come so I will announce them as soon as they are booked and we have concrete details. All I know is 2019 will be my year and will give me the opportunity to do some more traveling.

🎶"Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of"🎶

Thanks For Reading,
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Heathers World 

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