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Best Of Charlotte Tilbury

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Welcome to another post and today it is all about the best of Charlotte Tilbury. Now if you don't know who Charlotte Tilbury is then have you been living under a rock for like forever. Only joking Charlotte is a super talented makeup artist who started to created her own range of products in 2013 and has continuously expanded her product range since then. 

I stumbled upon her products in September 2015 when I treated myself to one of her looks the uptown girl. Since then I have tried many products from the range and most of them have been amazing but there are the odd few that are not so great or ones I just haven't got on with. So for today I thought I would do a best of Charlotte Tilbury based of the products I have tried. There are some I haven't so I won't be commenting on them but these are the standout products from her range that I have tried. I adore that she creates products for people will fair skin to people with a deeper collection as well. 

Lipstick's - Kissing & Matt Revoloution

I own three full sized lipsticks from her brand and three mini lipsticks. Each of the full size lipsticks come from each of her different formulas, the matt revolution and the kissing formula. The three full size lipsticks that I own are Bitch Perfect which is from the Uptown Girl look, Pillow Talk and Kidman's Kiss. These lipsticks are amazing the pigmentation is second to none, they last a long time on your lips and the Matt Revoloution ones don't dry out your lips and are comfortable to wear. They are a great starter item if your new to the brand as they are great value for money. 

Lip Cheat Lip Liners 

Charlotte is kinda known for her Pillow Talk Lipliner so it's no shock that the rest of her lip liners are just as good. I own the pillow talk lip liner as well as pink venus and kiss n tell. Each of the lip liners apply creamy and the lasting power is as you expect long. She has a wide range of colours and each of them have a lipstick that they pair with. At 

Instant Eye Palette 

Charlotte released this product late last year and has quickly become my favourite product from her range. A eyeshadow palette which has four different looks and can take you from day to night. Since receiving this product I haven't stopped using it, you can create a wide range of looks with this just one palette. They eyeshadows are pigmented, buttery and blend like a dream. This palette can help you create a smokey eye without so much effort. If you would like a full in depth review then please do let me know. 

Swish & Pop Blusher

I only own one blusher from her range but it is beautiful. Her swish and pop blushes were created with the idea of swishing your brush in the outer shade and apply then popping the brush in the inner circle and popping on the cheeks. I have the shade love glow and it gives a lovely flush on the cheeks, isn't chalky and fades beautifully although it does have great lasting power. 

Wonder Glow Primer

Glow indeed, I was so skeptical of trying out the wonder glow primer as it just didn't seem like something my dry skin would get on with! How wrong was I, this is slowly becoming one of my favourite primers. It really does give you a glow from within and works well with most foundations. I love using it with my Urban Decay naked skin and I am currently trailing it with my new light wonder foundation that I recently picked up. Everyone needs wonder glow in there life.

Magic Cream 

I ordered a trial kit of Charlotte's Skincare to take with me to New York and this was on of the products I put in my liquids bag to use on the flight. Magic Cream is a lovely creamy moisturiser, it gives instant hydration to my skin. I have since used up the tub and I am seriously considering buying the full sized as it is such a great product.

So there you I have it the my opinion on the best Charlotte Tilbury Product's on the market. I hoped you enjoyed this post I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below. Also I'd love to know what are you favourite products from the brand if you have tried any? If not what would you like to try?

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