Monday, 8 January 2018

What To Expect From Heathers World In 2018

Hey Everyone, 

I thought I would do a little upload post for you all explaining what you can expect from Heathers World in 2018. I am determined to make 2018 the year that Heathers World takes it up a notch and I have some exciting content planned. 


To start with January will be the month where I look back on 2017 and post my beauty favourites from 2017 along with my beauty buying process for 2018. You can also expect to see a post celebrating my third year blogging on the 15 january!

February & March

Then as we move ahead with the year I will be hoping to upload a range of content from lifestyle to travel to beauty and the odd university related post.

April & May& June
As soon as April and May hit you can expect to see a lot of university content. I am aiming to upload a post talking about my way of revising. To go with that I may do a series where I upload once a week talking about how I am getting on with my revision. Once we get into the middle of may there may be a lapse on posts due to exams but I am trying to avoid that as much as possible.

Then we get into june and the end of the month is results day. Once results day is their and depending on if I pass I will upload a post talking about my results and how I found my exams.  Then either a few days later or a week later you can expect to see my second year review.

July &August 

This is where you can expect to see most of my summer content and potentially a few travel posts. I am again aiming to do a summer series which will include summer fashion favourites, beauty favourites amongst other things.

September &October 

This is where my fall content will start and I will be doing my fall favourites, fall lookbooks and lots of fun content that I need to plan. Also baring things go well in the summer and I progress into third year, you can see a third year university first week review, my feelings regarding third year and a few other uni related content. This will also features my birthday content so a birthday ootd, birthday haul, 22 things I want to do while 22 and 21 memories of being 21 to name a few.

November & December 

A bit like earlier on in the year November has no set content planned for now but I am sure their will be some fun and exciting posts for that month. I will no doubt update you all on twitter about that months content nearer the time so keep an eye out for that. Then december will be my fourth attempt at blogmas and hopefully be the year I succeed in doing so. This will also feature new year related content as well.

So their you have it the year broken down in content. I hope you join me on this exciting journey and helping to progress heathers world into the best blog it can be. I am always around on Twitter so make sure you follow me on their to keep up with any latest updates on what is coming up on the blog.


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