Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Five - My Top Christmas Markets

Hey everyone, 

Welcome to Blogmas Day five, todays post is going to be all about christmas markets and what I think are the top christmas markets for 2017. 
So if your looking for a last minute market getaway keep on reading. 

Brussels - Belgium 

This is the christmas Market that I visited last year and it is defiantly not one to miss. They have an amazing christmas market that is spread out all over the town centre, which sell a range of things from food to decorations and other little bits and bobs.
They also have an amazing light display that happens every night in the town centre where the large christmas tree is.
Finally if you to go to Brussels you get to experience Belgium chocolate and theres no better chocolate than theirs. That trip is what got me into the christmas spirit last year and I can Imagine it would be the same for you to.

London - England 

London is a beautiful city and is even more so at Christmas time. London has christmas markets dotted around the city from the one on Southbank, Leicester square and covent garden to name a few. There is also Christmas markets in London's spectacular Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park.  I normally try and take a trip up to London at Christmas time but unfortunately this year my schedule doesn't allow for it but I will defiantly going back next year. So if you want to go to a great Christmas market without spending a lot of money this one is your best bet.

Prague - Czech Republic

The best way I can describe Prague is a fairy tail city so you can imagine how amazing it would be at christmas time. Prague's christmas markets take place in Old Town square and Wenceslas Square. With all the Lights, little huts and good food and music it is a great little place to visit. One to defiantly put on your list

Munich -  Germany

Is their anything better than a german market. Munich has always been a place I want to visit and for good reason. Their christmas market looks stunning to start with, add that to all of the wonderful food and drinks that are on offer how could you refuse.

Paris - France 

First of Paris is magical at any time of the year but make it more festive and it's a bloggers paradise. With so many amazing photo opportunities and the chance to soak up a parisian christmas who could say no. Now unfortunately the Champs -elysees market won't be their this year but their is still other christmas markets dotted around the city.


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