Sunday, 3 December 2017

Walking In A Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day Three - My Christmas Playlist

Ho Ho Ho, 

Welcome everyone to blogmas day Three. Todays post is going to be about what it on my Christmas playlist. Now as soon as bonfire night is over I am all about listening to those Christmas Songs. Each year I like to create a playlist on spotify which I listen to leading up to the big day. 

I won't be telling you all about every single song that is on my playlist for two reasons. One we will be here for days and number two is that I am planning on doing a post on my top five
christmas songs, so they are missing from here as well. 

Now if you do want to listen to the full playlist feel free to do so here. Lets not ramble on any longer and get into the post. 

Santa Tell Me -  Ariana Grande 

I absolutely love this song and it is one of the more recent additions to my playlist. It is a more upbeat christmas song which is perfect for party's. It is one of the better pop christmas songs out there and an essential on any Christmas Party playlist. 

Matt Terry - When Christmas Comes Around 

This one is a the newest edition to my playlist. I am not the biggest fan of Matt Terry but this song is great, defiantly not my favourite or an essential but a good song nonetheless. 

Leona Lewis - One More Sleep 

Another Christmas Song I love cause of how upbeat it is. I love a good christmas song you can have a  dance to and this is defiantly one of them.

When Christmas Comes To Town - The Polar Express Movie

I adore this film and it will feature quite a bit in these blogmas posts so it's no surprise this song is on my playlist. My favourite song from one of my favourite scenes in the film, you can't help but love this song. The kids singing and the song as a whole is just beautiful.

So I hoped you all enjoyed a little insight into my Christmas playlist this year. If you do want to check out the full playlist you can do here. I would love to know what's on your playlist so let me know in the comment's below.

Have A Wonderful Winters Day,
Until Next Time,
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