Sunday, 17 September 2017

GlamGlow SuperMud Mask Review

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I am back with a long overdue post on the GlamGlow Supermud mask. A while ago GlamGlow contacted me asking if I would like to try a mini of this mask and I of course accepted. GlamGlow is a brand I am so excited to try and pick up some things from in Sephora when I go to New York.

GlamGlow's SuperMud Mask is described as 'their most advanced clearing treatment. The mask was developed by the company to help fight the most common skin concerns that both men and women have. It can be used by both men and women and is for super clear and super poreless looking skin'.

Before trying the mask I read some reviews online just to get some information on the product, a lot of them said it wasn't suitable for sensitive skin which worried me slightly. Glamglow also state on their website that it's not suitable for sensitive skin but I still wanted to give it ago.

So my first impressions of it was that it looked a lot like my trusted Origins clear improvement mask, so I was intrigued to see if it worked the same way. 

I applied a thin layer of this all over my face, now you can use a thicker layer but as I only had a sample I wanted to make it last two uses. Once applied I started to feel the tingling right away. Now this wasn't uncomfortable it just felt like the mask was doing it's job.

I did feel some stinging and burning when it was on but I put this down to me having sensitive skin, as the mask does say it's not suitable for sensitive skin. However if you don't have sensitive skin you should be fine. I was able to cope with the burning as it wasn't painful just more uncomfortable but like I said if you have sensitive skin use at your own risk. 

Personally I left this mask on for around twenty minutes from which it turned from a charcoal colour to a light greyish with dark blobs dotted around your face. I assume that this is the mask lifting the dirt and grime from our face. 

Having removed this mask I found my skin to be a lot lot smoother, my spots didn't look half as bad and overall my skin looked like it had a facial at the spa. 
I loved this mask and it defiantly lived up to the claims it made as my skin was super clear and super poreless after using it. 

Would I purchase the full size? Yes although I would probably only use this once a month as a spa treatment due to it not being suitable for sensitive skin. I am however hooked onto GlamGlow's masks and looking forward to picking some up when I go to Sephora Next month!! If you want to check out this mask then you can find it here 
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Have you tried GlamGlow SuperMud Mask? If so how did you get on with it, Also what other masks from them would you recommend me trying. 

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