Tuesday, 8 August 2017

What Is In My Beach Bag - Summer Holiday 2017

Hey everyone, 

Back again with another post and this time it is a what is in my beach bag. I thought this would be a super fun post to do showing you all what I had in my beach/pool/water park bag while I was in Tenerife. 

The essentials -  These are the things that stayed in my beach bag throughout the whole of the trip and never really got swapped out. 

Ganier Dry Mist Factor 30 Sun Cream - Great sun cream worked well on my fair skin although me being in the sun for 7 days straight meant I was always going to burn.

Asos Sunglasses - I can only wear prescription sunglasses but these where good for when I just closed my eyes and sunbathed, to stop any rays disturbing my sunbathing.

Carex wet wipes- An essential in any of my travel bags as there great to refresh your face and also to wipe your hands clean. 

Tissues - Bit boring but always an essential in any of my bags.

Asos Sun hat - Loved this sun hat, not only is it gorgeous it kept the sun out of my face and stopped my hair from burning.

Sun Lip Balm - This was a huge help and it stopped me from burning my lips.

Beach towel - Need I say more can't have a beach bag without a beach towel, mine was from Matalan and done it's job.

Wet brush - This was so useful for brushing my hair after being in the pool or on the rides in Siam Park,  loved this so much. 

Extras   - Items that I didn't always have in my bag but did on occasion.

Cooling mist - I loved this for cooling me down when it got really hot, was a nice little refresher for the skin and body.

Book or magazine - Was a great way to pass the time

Coverup - Great to cover up a bit more of my skin and also they looked cute, which one depended on which bikini I wore

Small hand towel- to cover up where I had already been burnt to not burn even further

Clamp/Bobble - Great for putting my sweaty hair up and keeping it off my face. 

So that is everything that is in my bag. I hopped you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments below what you keep in your beach or pool bag!
I will see you again next sunday with a new post

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