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Heathers World Takes On The Big Apple - Our Package

Hey everyone, 

I am back with another post in my heathers world takes on the big apple series and this time it will be talking about our package and how we booked it. 
I thought this one would be a good one to do as a lot of people when booking New York tend to book flights and hotel separately whereas we have done it as one package. 

Expect a lot of New York posts coming up as we are 81 days away at the time of writing this post 25th July)
I am hoping to get a post up within the next month or so with our plans or things we have booked are booking, but I am just waiting on our friends to be free so we can organise that. 
Anyway after that way to long introduction let's get into the post.

Our Package 

So we have booked a five night six days package in new york. We choose five nights as we knew that it would take us longer to do things with my mums health conditions so 3 nights wasn't feasible, it would also mean that we would be flying home the day after my birthday which we didn't want to do. We also didn't want to do do 7 nights as it worked out more than what we budgeted for. 

We will be staying at the Park Central hotel in new york. When deciding our hotel we was looking at going five star with it being my birthday trip, but we just didn't fancy any of them and settled on a four star hotel. The hotel is gorgeous and is located in central manhattan and within close proximity to central park and times square. 

There is a few downsides to the hotel and that is the lack of restaurant/ breakfast which means we will be eating out all day every day, I think even if there was one we would only have had breakfast maybe one day in the hotel. Another was that the reviews had been hit and miss for the hotel. 

We booked flights, hotel, transfers, selected seats, and meals along with flexible booking which we used as it was originally just me and my mum. 

Who We booked with

We booked our holiday with Thomas Cook as they were one of the only companies allowing us to book more than a year in advance with flights included. 
Virgin was another company we looked at but we would of had to wait which we didn't want to do. 

We also choose to book with Thomas Cook due to the price they were charging as having done our research we found them to be the best value.

It worked out at around a little over 1000 each for the whole package which considering your getting 5 nights hotel with flights and the others I mentioned above it was pretty reasonable. Also for the price we got a hotel that is in central manhattan and close to things we want to see. 

Why we choose to book as a package 

This kind of ties in with the above statements. One of the reasons we choose to go for a package was that we was able to book way in advance which is what suited our needs. 

To go with that as we booked a packaged it has allowed us to pay it of bit by bit each month which suited our financial situation.

The final reason we choose to book a package was that it worked out substantially cheeper for us than if we had done it individually. We did look at booking them individually but it worked out more expensive so we decided to go for a package.

Have you booked new york through a package? If so how did you find it?

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