Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tenerife Trip Report!

Hi Everyone,

So if your a long time reader of my blog you would know that a while back I done an Alcudia duty free wish list for my holiday in June. Well not long after that post went live we changed our trip to Tenerife as we fancied that instead so here is my trip report :

Day One - Monday 5th June 2017 :

Today was travel day and seeing as our flight didn't depart till ten to three there wasn't a lot to say or so I thought so. We got up and done some last minute prep, got picked up and dropped of at the airport and headed to bag drop of. Got through that quickly and of we went to security. We booked fast track security and I was so glad we did as we got through within 20 minutes.

Once we got through security off we went to duty free where some purchases happened, look out for my haul coming soon. We then went to get some food at the grain loft I believe. Not long after that boarding opened and our journey began.

I am going to save you the details of the flight cause it was just your general standard four and a half hour flight. Felt like it was an eight hour one but I just put my earphones in and four and a half hours later we arrived in Tenerife. Got to Tenerife got our bags and on the coach we went to our hotel.
We checked in, went to get some food as they kept it open for us and then we got our room number. Having already decided that we wasn't going to go out tonight as we wanted to unpack, chill and get ready for a long day tomorrow. So that's what we did!

Day Two - Tuesday 6th June 2017 :

So we woke up a bit later than we had planned to ready for a full day of whatever we choose to do. We went down for breakfast and there was a lot of food options ( I will do a full review of the hotel very soon) Had breakfast which was lovely, went back to our room to chill on our balcony for a bit.

We then decided to take a walk to the beach to explore the area and see what was down there. It was lovely we had a lovely stroll along the beach front, sat on some sun loungers and had a nosey in some of the shops. We then went back to the hotel had some lunch and went to the upper deck of loungers to sunbath as we found this area to be quieter. 
Sunbathed for quite a while before we went back to the room to cool down and relax for an hour or so before we headed down to dinner. 

Dinner was good I had steak and chips and it was good, don't get me wrong it's not the best I have ever had but it was edible and had a good taste. Dinner seemed to be over in a flash and before we knew it we was sat having drinks in the lounge area, and then went up at around half 10 as we originally planned on having an early night as we planned to get up early to go to Siam Park. 

Day Three - Wednesday 7th June 2017 :

We woke up today with the idea of going to Siam Park but the weather in the morning was a bit overcast so we decided to spend the day in the resort sunbathing.  Went down had breakfast, came back to our room and chilled on the balcony which was lovely. *You will see we did a lot of sunbathing and chilling but we didn't plan on an action pack holiday as we both wanted to relax and unwind* 

We then went down to put our towels on the sun loungers on the upper deck as we just preferred to sunbath here than by the pool. We stayed out for around 2 1/2 hours before we went back to the room to cool off for a bit as we wanted to tan not burn. 
We cooled of in our living room for an hour before we went back down to soak up even more sun for another two hours, after that we went back to cool off and get ready for dinner and night time plans. Dinner again was okay I tended to get whatever meet was on that night with chips as I just seemed to prefer that. We then sat down for around an hour having drinks before deciding to take a night time stroll along the beach. 

We walked along to the beach and had a stroll along the bars where we stopped and had some drinks, before we walked to the beach area to take some photos. We then walked back to the hotel and managed to catch the adult entertainment which was 80's Night and a good laugh. 

Day Four - Thursday 8th June 2017 :

Today was the day we did ended up going Siam Park and it was amazing, I am not going to go into detail as I do want to do a review of Siam park on my blog. We started the day by going to breakfast and then coming back to our room and getting our bags ready. We choose to get a taxi as it was on €6  and it saved trying to que for the bus. Once we got into siam park we went and put our towels on some loungers and put our bags in lockers. Of we went on some rides, now we didn't go on everything as we burned quite quickly and the heat had got to us a bit so we left around 3ish, the rides we did go on were great and I wish we had stayed and done them all but am sure we will be back.  We also had some food in Siam which was actually not that bad either. 

We got back to the hotel where I was in so much pain with the sunburn on my shoulders so I caked my self in after sun and cooled down under the fan in our living room. We stayed there for around 2 hours just letting our burns cool down so that we could wear clothes and go down to dinner. Again dinner was okay I didn't each as much as my sunburn made me feel a bit sick as my shoulders were red raw!! I quickly popped back to the room after dinner to re apply some after sun to my burn and then we went down and sat outside to enjoy some drinks before the evening entertainment. 

The adult entertaiment was a hypnotist and it was hysterical, I was crying my eyes out laughing at the things he had the volunteers doing. It was the most popular night with there being every seat taken and I can see why, he had everyone do some basic ones in our seats and then asked for some volunteers to participate in the main show. The main show was great he had one lad walking round asking us had we seen his parrot, I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time the show was on. 

Day Five - Friday 9th June 2017 :

Today I spent a lot of the day in the shade as my sunburn was killing me. I applied a factor 50 before we went on the rides and I still managed to burn like my mum so we spent the day tanning our legs under a parasol. Like I said we didn't do any excursions or anything as this was our relaxing holiday although I would do more of this when we go back.  Mum went down early in the morning to put our towels on loungers and to make sure we got one with an umbrella. We again went for breakfast and then of we popped to tan our legs as they were as pale as ghosts compared to the upper half of our body. 

The whole day was spent tanning and having little breaks in which we would go and cool under our fan in our room and re applying our after sun. Lunch in the hotel was okay it was probably my least favourite meal of the day in terms of food selection but it's all inclusive so I don't expect amazing food. 

Dinner like always was great, defiantly my favourite meal of the day in the hotel as I got my little ice cream as desert. Tonights entertainment was karaoke which we stayed for a bit but tbh the atmosphere was flat as there wasn't many people and it was hands down the worst night so far for evening entertainment. So Instead we decided drinks on our balcony was a better option. 

Day 6 - Saturday 10th June 2017 :

Today was a bit like Friday although we did take another walk down to the beach mid day (Can you tell we liked the beach) This time we went to the far end of the beach that we hadn't been to before, stopped of for drinks again as per aha. We then went back and sunbathed Again and done our usual routine of cool down, go for dinner, have drinks and then watch the entertainment which was Rock 'N' Roll night. 

Day 7 - Sunday 11th June 2017 :

This was a last full day and we had planned to spend it at Siam Park again but with Thomas Cook entertainment team not working Sunday we thought people may go there, so instead we decided to take advantage of an less full resort and spend time in the pool and getting the last of our sunbathing in. 
So we did just that, spent the day in and out of the pool and trying to make our tan even, we also chose to pack our cases, as we had booked late check out for the following day so didn't want to spend that time packing our case

Our last dinner was probably the worst one we had, it just seemed to be a random selection of food and it just wasn't as nice as the previous nights food we had. The entertainment was a bird show so we sacked that of in favour of going down to the beach and having drinks there. Well that was the plan, instead we got chinease take away as we was still hungry and spent our last night on the balcony reminiscing about the holiday. In my opinion the perfect end to what was an amazing holiday. 

Day 8 - Monday 12th June 2017 : 

Leaving day 😢

We had booked late check out which meant we didn't have to leave our room till 3pm as we wasn't getting picked up until half five ish as we had a twenty to nine flight back to Manchester.  So we had breakfast and took one last walk to the beach buying some souvenirs and presents, also taking some good photos on my dslr camera. 

By the time we got back it was time for lunch so we went and had lunch, did a bit of sunbathing on the lounger and then went back to the room to pack hand luggage and weigh our cases. 

Three came around pretty quickly and before we knew it we was saying goodbye to our suite and leaving our luggage in the luggage room in the resort. As we had two hours to kill we bought a pack of cards, played games and had some drinks. I had gotten changed from my shorts and t shirt into my leggings and light jumper to fly home in. Big regret as it was boiling still and I was sweating like nothing else. 

Before we knew it we was on our coach going to the airport, and in a flash bag drop of and security was over and done with. Then came duty free where we spent our last euros before going and buying some food to eat on the plane. Then our gate came up so of we went to sit near our gate. It literally felt like an hour from the time we got picked up to the time we got on the plane even though it was three hours, the time just flew by so so quickly. 

Twenty to nine rolled around and the plane took off heading for Manchester. We got back to Manchester around 1 and we finally arrived back to Liverpool around 2am. That was our holiday over and done with and it was back to the real world as I was in work at 5pm that night. 

I had the most amazing holiday and wish I was back there, although their isn't long to wait till I fly again. I hope you all enjoyed this trip report and it wasn't boring for you all, expect some more holiday related posts coming very soon. I hope everyone has an amazing Thursday and I will be back again with another post soon.  Also if you want a photo diary blog post of the trip report as I have so many more photos to show you.

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