Sunday, 25 June 2017

First Year of University Review

Hey everyone, 

I hope your all well, I thought I would switch things up on the blog this week and do a first year of University review. So in short I am going to give a review of my first year at university. 
This might be useful for anyone considering studying my course at the university I am at or just for future freshers to see what they have in store. I am going to break this down into three sections : Course, My feelings, Overall experience. 

I am also thinking of doing an advice for freshers post so if there is any other university related posts you would like to see please leave them in a comment below and I will do them. So now that the long introduction is over with let's get into this post. 

So I study BA Hons Business Management and Marketing at Liverpool Hope University. I have just completed my first year and am awaiting my results that get released on this coming Thursday 29/6/17.


I choose this course as I love business but I particularly love Marketing specifically social media marketing, this course gives me the chance to combine the two. Liverpool hope offers a wide range of business courses from business management on it's own to accounting to marketing combined with other courses. 

For my course I had 3 lectures for both subjects, 1 seminar for each subject and one tutorial for each subject. 
Now in terms of assessments I had one low stakes 5% assessment for each subject. For Marketing I also had one other solo assigment work 29% and a group presentation/essay worth 33% that I worked on with my friend. To add to that my final exam was worth 33%

Business Management was a bit different I had a low stakes assessment which in this case was a referencing quiz, one big assignment worth 33%. We then had our portfolio which was worth 29%. In each of our tutorials we would get a reading and would have to summarise it and each week one person would present theres in a powerpoint and lead the group discussion on that one. Everyone else would participate and this is what builded up our portfolio, we would get marks for attending, having our summary, being non disruptive and based on how much we participated, this would get added onto the marks we got for leading the discussion and presentation when it was our turn. 

Sounds complicated but it really wasn't and I liked that they did this as it was an easier way to get some marks for someone who isn't amazing at essays.

I found the subjects that we covered in business to be great although I found some Like HRM and MIS to be not as fun as the others! 

Our lectures were great to, they were always just an email away if you had any problems or was unsure about any assignments and they were great at delivering the content of the subjects. Overall I really enjoyed the course and I am looking forward to my second year if I pass.

My Feelings 

So here I will talk about how I felt about the course, did it suit me, did I enjoy.

So How Did I feel about this year in university?
I felt calm and relaxed, I made friends very quickly so I settled in to university life very fast. Don't get me wrong there were times when I got stressed but that was normally when I had assignments due in as well as a summary.

I found the course to suit me perfectly as it gave me the opportunity to study two subjects I love.
For the most part I enjoyed the course, there was times that I did question if it was right for me but in the end it was.

Overall Experience 

My overall experience of first year was a positive one. I enjoyed the course although like I said there was parts I didn't enjoy as much as others but your going to get that with most courses. The lectures and support staff are great at Liverpool Hope, my fellow students were lovely and overall it was a great experience. It brought me out of my comfort zone a lot and helped me to grow in confidence in many ways.

In comparison to the two months I did in Edge Hill, Hope hands down beats them by a mile of in every way in my opinion. I am super excited to get my results and see if I have passed, I am looking forward to putting even more hard work in next year and bettering my grade and to continue on growing.

Heres to my results day (and hopefully a pass grade) and fingers crossed to the next two years at Hope University!

So My First year is over and what a roller coaster that was. I hope you enjoyed this personal post and found it a bit useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and I will see you again soon!

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