Tuesday, 16 May 2017

MAC Beauty Influencers Collection First Impressions

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I am back with another beauty post (sorry it's been so beauty heavy recently) and this post is a very exciting one. As you can tell by the name of the post it is a first impressions of the MAC beauty influencers collection for the UK. 

Now when I found out that Mac was collaborating with beauty influencers, I knew that this collection would be one I had to get my hands on. So if your unfamiliar with this Mac collection what they did was collaborate with two beauty influencers from seven different countries and allowed them to create their own lipstick. 

Fleur's on the left and Alessandra on the right. 

My only thing that I dislike about this collaboration is that you can only buy the beauty influencers from your country's lipstick and not the others. I wish Mac would of made the whole collection worldwide to allow us to pick up some of the other beautiful shades such as Samantha Ravndahl from Canada lipstick 

So like I said you could only pick up the two lipsticks from your country and I think Mac done a pretty good job of picking two great beauty influencers for the UK.  Our two beauty influencers were FleurDeForce who is the first ever youtuber I ever watched and Alessandra Steinherr beauty director of Glamour Magazine. 

After that way to long introduction, let's get into the shades!

Top is MacxFleurDeForce

Fleur's shade is described as a cool beige and is a creamsheen formula. I love that it is a creamsheen formula as it makes it comfortable to wear and still glossy.
It defiantly is a cool beige shade and I find it to be slightly brown on my porcelain skin, but on my mum's slighter darker skin it is perfect. I love this shade and although I don't think it suit's me 100% it defiantly suits my mum so I think I will be giving it to her.  I haven't found any shade similar to this one so if you can get your hands on it I would, as it is a beautiful shade. 


Alessandra's shade is described as a neutral pink and is a lustre finish. I haven't tried any lustre lipsticks from the Mac collection before so this was new to me. The shade is true to the description, it is a neutral pink and on me it's a my lips but better shade. Having tried this formula I like it but the pigmentation isn't the best and the lasting power isn't the greatest, but it's worth it for how beautiful the lipstick is. 

I think out of the two shades this one is more wearable as it's a neutral pink that will suit all skin tones. Nevertheless both shades are beautiful and if you can get your hands on either it will be worth your while.  

Did you manage to get your hands on either of these lipsticks?
If so what do you think? 

Let me know in the comments below your thoughts. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will be back again on Sunday with a new post. 

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