Tuesday, 30 May 2017

BECCA X Chrissy Teigen Glow Face Palette First Impressions

Hey everyone, 

Once again it's a beauty post that I am back with. I know I have been doing a lot of beauty posts but bare with me there will be a few travel posts, lifestyle and fashion ones to come after my holiday. 
So if you haven't guessed by the title of this post, it is a first impressions of the Becca palette in collaboration with the goddess Chrissy Teigan. 

Little fun fact this palette isn't even out in the UK yet but you can get your hands on it if you make a Sephora order which is what I did. So I ordered this as part of a Sephora haul which I was going to do a blog post on but then it would of meant two more beauty posts so I may just show the items on Instagram. If you want to see them go check me out on Instagram at Heathers World Instagram.

But yeah it is out on Thursday the 1st June, am not 100% sure of the price but I am almost certain it is cheaper to buy on Sephora, so if your planning a Sephora order do add it as you may save some money. 

This palette comes with two highlighters: Rose Gold which is part of the permanent range and Beach Nectar which is exclusive to the palette and the shade Chrissy created. Rose gold is as it says a rosy gold tone, now am not sure it will suit me as a highlighter on but as a blush topper or shimmery blush this will be gorgeous. 

Beach Nectar is a gorgeous peachy shade. I can totally see why Chrissy created this shade as I feel it will look gorgeous on all skin tones. I feel like pale skin like mine can use this shade as a highlighter or as a blush topper. 

You also get a beautiful blush in the palette Hibiscus Bloom which is also limited edition. This is a bright pink shade which in my opinion will be flattering on all shades. 

The final product is a bronzer in Malibu Soliel which is also limited edition. This shade is a darker bronze shade which unfortunately is a bit to dark on my pale shade, but on deeper skin tones this will be beautiful. 

Overall this palette is stunning and totally worth the money. If you are pale like me then be warned some things in the palette may not suit you, or be used for what they for but you can defiantly work with it. I paid £37.52  which is a bargain in my eyes as the sizes are huge and will last for ages.

I highly recommend it and for any of you UK Becca Babes keep your eye out on Thursday as I think this will be a sell out. 

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