Sunday, 19 March 2017

Threads Beauty False Eyelashes Review

Am I the only one who struggles to find the Perfect pair of flash eyelashes, one's that don't weigh your eyes down, look good and are comfortable to wear all night long and stay put?

Well look no further I think I have found the perfect brand. Now as someone who suffers with sensitive eyes and suffers with an eye condition, wearing false eyelashes can sometimes be a chore/pain. Most of the time I tend to skip them as a lot of the ones I have tried have either been to heavy on my eyes, to uncomfortable, or just in general caused my eyes to sting. 

Having Received the *Charleston and * Red Cherri lashes from Threads Beauty I was excited to see how they would look/ would the be suited to my needs.
The Charleston lashes are defiantly the more wearable of the two and were my personal favourite as I love a natural fuller lash look, in comparison the Red Cherri lashes were the bolder more suited to a night out lashes.
 I found both of these lashes to be great they lasted the the whole day/night I was wearing them, they were super comfortable and didn't feel like they were weighing my eyes down. 
And the best part they didn't Sting my eyes which for me automatically puts them as one of my top False eyelash brands.

Now in terms of pricing they aren't the cheapest false eyelashes out on the market as they are £9 each. If your like me though and suffer with an eye condition or sensitive eyes, or even wanting to treat yourself to a set of great quality lashes then I think the price justifies itself as they really are worth the money. 

As for availability you can buy them here off their own website where their is nine different sets to choose from all of which look amazing. 

Overall I would highly recommend these flash eyelashes, they provide great quality, long lasting and perfect for even the most sensitive of eye's.

Have you tried any False Eyelashes from Threads Beauty? What's your favourite brand of False Eyelashes? Do let me know in the comments down below and I will see you all again next week with a new post!

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