Sunday, 12 March 2017

Little Life Update

Hey everyone, 

Todays post is going to be a little life update seeing as I haven't done one for a while. I had originally planned to do this alongside my normal upload on Sunday, but as I have a lot of uni work to do I decided this would be my Sunday upload so I hope that's okay with you all. 

Now onto the life update and life has been pretty busy the past few months, so I thought I would break this post up into three categories, University, Blog and Life. 


University has been crazy busy the past few months, I have had lots of assignments, summaries due in so the workload has been a lot. It also dosent seem like it will let up as I still have 3 pieces of work to submit this month and them revision begins for our exams at the end of the may and begining of june. 

University will practically take over my life the next 3 months so If I am less active on social media or the blog then I hope you understand as come June 11 I will be free to do whatever I want. My exams finish on the second of June but I am away on Holiday in Alcudia from the 4th to the 11th.

Aside from that First year has been going great, I got a low mark on two piece of coursework which was a bummer, but it has made me more determined to work harder on the last few pieces and my exams.


Theirs not a huge amount to update you on regarding the blog really. I am planning on adding a couple of posts to my New York Travel series hopefully soon. I am also hoping to announce another trip which will become a series on the blog in April so look out for that near the end of the month. 

I also want to bring back my Baking with Heather's World series so if that's something you would like to see please do let me know in the comments below. 

I would also love to know what content you would like to see on the blog as I really want to start making content that is tailored to you all and things you want to read. I am also working on some new series to start as I love creating them and with my extra long summer I will have some extra time to hopefully upload more than one post a week.

I would appreciate your input greatly on the content you would like as although it is called heather's world, I want this blog to be a place we can all enjoy and bond over.

So yeah aside from that I don't have anything else to update you all on about the blog apart from that until the 11th June you will need to bare with me, University will come before the blog so if I'm inactive which I hope I won't be then please bare with I will be back eventually. 


My life well where do I start? 

What else I am in the process of planning a very exciting trip which will be announced on the blog and social media as soon as it is booked. 
I am still working part time and that is going okay, I am looking for a more flexible job but I am happy staying at my current job until one comes up. 

Life is pretty okay at the moment, I am still single incase any of you wanted that kind of an update and I'm not looking either at the moment.  I am also so close to finishing my first year off University and this excites me so much as it has been a hard year but looking forward to the 17 week Summer.

What else do I have to tell you about my life erm well my life is super interesting as you can tell seeing as I don't know what to update you all on aha!

Oh yeah I am getting my hair done next weekend and it will be a complete change from what I am use to. Kinda nervous, Kinda excited so look out for a few pictures of that on social media.
So yeah nothing else really to update you on apart from that am doing good, am happy with where my life is currently at, it's been a bumpy few years but finally the future is looking bright!

So there you have a little life update, sorry that this wasn't a proper post I have just been super busy. Next's week post will be a review of some false eyelashes that I was sent so look out for that.  I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday evening and I will see you all next week.

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World