Saturday, 25 February 2017

New Year Collective Haul- Part 2 Random Bits

Hey lovelies, 

Todays post is part two of my new year collective haul and I have named this random bits as it is a random collection of stuff. I do apologise if the images are sideways I plan to re take them next weekend so bare with me till then. 

Like in the last post links to the products are in the titles and are non affiliate as well. So before I end up rambling on I am just going to jump right in. 

Disney Store

So I just had to buy a few bits from the Beauty and The Beast collection seeing as it is my favourite disney film of all time. 

I don't normally buy shopper bags but once I seen this one I just had to buy it. I love the design of it and yeah need I say more can't complain at the price of £3 either. 

While browsing the collection I spotted this and next thing I knew I had bought it. I am so glad they brought it out as it's something us older fans can buy, don't get me wrong I want the dolls and am 20 but I like how the range caters to fans of all ages. 

Beauty and The Beast Mug 

I also bought this beautiful mug and when I went into the Liverpool store their was two mugs to choose from and this was my favourite out of the two. I can't find this mug online so if your looking to buy it I would suggest checking out your local store asap. 

Apple Store

Nothing exciting just some boring essentials that I needed. 

Morphie Powerbank 

I can't find this online but I bought a Morphie power bank with 24 hours of charge. This is an essential as on a Monday, Thursday and Fridays I do a 14 hour day and this is so useful for me to have. I also got it in Rose Gold cause yanno it's Rose Gold. 

Not much really to say about these apart from the fact that my headphones broke so I had to replace them and I liked the Apple one's so yeah.


My most exciting purchase of the day!

So I asked on twitter last weekend what beauty Items should I pick up and two lovely beauty bloggers called @MandaMartinotti and @BeautyKingdomUk go check them out recommended me to get this pallet so I did. First impressions are that I love the smell and the eyeshadows look stunning. 

Nothing like anything I own and completely out of my comfort zone of nude shadows. I haven't fully tried it out as I have been waiting to photography it for this post but if you want a full review post let me know.  

So their you have it the second part of my haul, let me know in the comments what was your favourite item. Check back tomorrow at 10am for My Duty Free Wishlist. I hope you all have a fabulous Saturday night and don't party to hard. 

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