Sunday, 12 February 2017

My Current Go To Nude Lip Combination

Every girl needs there go to Nude Lip Combination and here's mine!

As you may have gathered from the title of the post this is all about my current go to nude lip combination and in fact it is my go to lip combination in general. I am one of those people who change up my lip combinations but not the colour, and over the past month I have been experimenting with lipsticks to try and find a new go to nude lip and I think I may just have it nailed down. 

To start of the look we have the famous lip liner from Charlotte Tilbury in Pillow Talk.  

I'm sure this product needs no introduction from me but the only way I can describe this product is a true nude. It in my opinion will suit any skin tone. The way I use this lip liner is to outline my lips and on occasion I will overdraw my lips using this product. 
I have used this lip liner for around a year now and it totally lives up to the hype it gives. 

The next stage of creating my go to look is to apply my Tom Ford lipstick in Pink Dusk

I actually can't even believe I own a lipstick from Tom Ford but I decided to treat myself to one at Christmas. 

I choose the shade Pink Dusk as it is a lovely rose colour that on me looks like my lips but better. This when blended into the lip liner makes my lips look flawless, it doesn't sink into the lines or leaves the white marks around the lips as it fades. This is pricey for what it is but I couldn't live without it now and will always be a go to nude lipstick for me. 

The final stage of creating my go to lip look is to add Mac lipgloss in Fashion Whim

I am loving the idea of having a two toned lip and this helps me create that look. I look this lipgloss as it is  slightly more nude and lighter than the lipstick, so when applied to the centre of the lips it gives that ombre look. It also looks lovely when applied all over and gives that hint of shine. 

It doesn't give that white build up in the corners of the lips when it fades if you get what I mean and it isn't super sticky either. I have mine in limited packaging from Mac's Christmas collection just gone but I believe it is part of their permeant range. This helps to give the finishing look that little bit of sparkle and helps tie it all in together.

So there you have it my go to nude lipstick look, but what I want to know is what is your go to nude combination? 

Let me know in the comment's below and I will see you all again next time!

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