Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Five Places I Want To Visit

Hiya Everyone,

So the post I have in store for you all is all about the five places I want to visit in the near future. I thought this would be a good post to do as I plan to tick most of them off within the next two years, and I really enjoy reading these posts as they give me travel inspirations.  So hopefully you find some inspiration or just enjoy reading this post. 

Just a little disclaimer, apart from the header image which was a template I edited on Pic Monkey I do not own any of the other images in this post. They were all found on Pinterest and if possible I will link to the original in the caption. 

Let's start out with Europe first as that contains three of the five places on my list!


Once again can't find a link but will link as soon as I find one. I don't own this image. 

So this has to be number one on my list. I was lucky enough to visit DisneyLand Paris but I never got the chance to go into paris so this is one place I really want to visit this year. I love love the vibe paris and parisians have and some of the architecture that is their is stunning. 

I want to go mostly so that I can go and explore the city taking in all the culture and beautiful buildings and streets. An let's be honest I couldn't mention Paris without talking about the Eiffel Tower this beautiful piece of art, this is something I have wanted to tick of my bucket list for so many years, so I am alining to do it this year. 


Full Credit goes to About.com for this photo

This has been a very recent addition to my ever-growing list of places I want to travel to. A friend of mine visited recently and I got total envy looking at her photos so I have decided that by the end of 2018 I will have visited this wonderful city. Like paris it has some of the most beautiful architecture (can you sense a theme yet?) and it is so picturesque. 

What also attracted me to Munich was the history the city has. When I am selecting places to travel to I like to pick somewhere that has a rich culture and history that I can Emerge myself into.

The final place on my list for Europe is Prague. I can't even count the amount of times I have looked and almost booked flights to Prague. Until about two years ago I had never though of Prague or the Czech Republic but it is just two pretty not to visit. Not to forget that it also has largest ancient castle in the world. If you haven't gathered by now I love choosing places that have beautiful architecture. 

Now onto America, which contains one place on my list of places to visit!

Walt Disney World Florida - Orlando
Now this may shock some of you but at the grand age of 20 I have never been to Walt Disney World Florida! I was lucky enough to visit the Paris version in the August just gone but I really want to experience the Florida one now. 

Now here comes the exciting part I am actually Planning a trip to here for next summer. We are looking at going the beginning of September or the end of August next year.  I can't wait to experience the Disney magic for myself, and as soon as I have paid our deposit I will be doing a post as I plan on doing a series for it on the blog so look out for that. 

Finally Australia- which contains the last place on my list and the only one I will probably wont tick of in the next two years. 


Couldn't find a link but as soon as I do I will update. I  don't own this  picture.

Oh Melbourne how I hope to visit within the next five years. Melbourne has been on my list for many reasons, one being that I have family over there that I would love to visit. The second being it's Australia.  Now I don't actually know that much about Melbourne if am being honest but in a way that makes me want to visit even more so I can learn about the city and explore, plus I get to spend time with my family while doing so. 

And were done, their you have a list of five places I want to visit. I hope you enjoy reading this post and it gave you some travel inspiration. I wish you all a great start to the week and I will see you all again very soon.

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