Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Walking In a Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day 6- My Christmas Tag

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to blogmas day 6, todays post is going to be my version of a christmas tag. I haven't been able to find the perfect christmas tag, so I have decided to create my own using a mix of the questions I have found and my own. Feel free to do this tag on your blog and leave me a comment below so I can check it out.

Now after that long introduction let's get into the tag:

1) Real Tree Or Fake Tree?

For me it has to be fake always. We have always gone for a fake one as it's just easier to maintain, and as much as I love the smell of real trees I would prefer a fake one any day of the week. 

2) Favourite Festive Food?

My all time favourite christmas food has to be pigs in blankets. They are the best and who doesn't love sausages wrapped in bacon. I am going to cheat here and say that since for the past two Christmas Hagen Diaz Baileys ice cream has creeped up into my top favourite christmas food. I just wished they sold it all year round.

3)Favourite Christmas Memory? 

I haven't got one specific Christmas memory that I can say is my favourite as I love every christmas that I get to spend with my family. I am so grateful that we all get to come together at christmas time and spend time together and celebrate.

4)Christmas Day Outfit- Dress Up Or PJ Day?

Dress up always, we always go to my nan and granddads for christmas and everyone makes the effort to dress up. A lot of my friends spend christmas day in their pjs but it's not for me. I love making the effort and if you can't dress up on Christmas day when can you!

5)Christmas Away Or At Home?

For me it's always at home, don't get me wrong it would be nice to go on holiday but I much prefer a cold Christmas and being at home with the family.

6) When Do You Open Your Christmas Presents?

I know some people open theirs on Christmas eve but I have never done that, It's always been Christmas day in my family. We do get Christmas Eve Pyjama's  on Christmas eve though.

7) What Tops Your Tree?

For the past few years it has been a star but we do switch it up from time to time. I like the way both look so am not fussed which goes on top to be honest.

8) Favourite Christmas Movie?

The Polar Express hands down!! It's a tradition is my house to watch it on Christmas eve and it's the one film that gets me excited for the following day. If you haven't watched it I recommend you do asap as the story behind it is what brings the magic.

9) Favourite Present You Have Received? 

Mine would have to be Baby Annabelle, I had wanted this doll for so long and when Santa finally made my wish come true I was ecstatic. I loved looking after the baby and feeding her and as I was only about 5 it made my christmas.

10) Finally What Are You Looking Forward To This Christmas?

For me I am looking forward to getting the family together and spending quality time with them and celebrating. My grandparents are getting older so I cherish every Christmas we get with them and that is what I am looking forward to the most.

So their you have my Christmas Tag, I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and leave me a comment down below letting me know if you have done this post so I can check it out. 

Have a Wonderful Winter Day, 
Until Tomorrow,
Heathers World