Saturday, 3 December 2016

Walking in a Winter Wonderland Blogmas Day 3- My Winter Clothing Essentials

Hey everyone,

Welcome to blogmas day 3,  in todays post I will be talking all about my winter clothing essentials. These are clothing items I couldn't live without in the winter months, now before I get into the details I want to do a little disclaimer as this post is quite Topshop heavy, this post is not in anyway sponsored by them, I just so happened that a lot of my essentials are from them.

Another disclaimer is that I have now joined shopstylecollective which means if you go onto the bottom of this page and click shop my style and then purchase any of the items I get commission. If you don't want to that's fine I will still link the sites for you to check them out yourself.

Now let's get into the post!

The first of my essentials has to be my winter coat. I have been on the lookout since October for the perfect winter coat and around three weeks ago I found this one. What I love about this coat is that is the perfect length for my height which is around 5'4. This coat covers my bum but at at the same time it isn't too long. 

I also like that it is really warm, considering it has no fleece lining to it. I feel very snug in this coat and the faux fur hood adds to that. It is also great at absorbing the rain even though it isn't marketed as waterproof. Topshop's classic parker has four pockets which makes it a great coat for being on the go. Would 100% recommend this for your winter essential wardrobe. 

Zara In The Stars Jumper 

This jumper had to make my winter essentials. I got this jumper last year when I went through a phase of buying something every week from Zara and I don't regret it one bit. Imagine putting on your warmest fleeciest blanket over you and that is what it feels like wearing this jumper.  

It is the perfect jumper for them freezing cold, frosty winter mornings. Unfortunately this is no longer available but Zara normally bring out a similar item each year.

Ugg Classic Short

These may not be to everyones taste but I love my Ugg boots. An essential for my winter wardrobe, they go with almost any casual outfit I wear. I have had both the tall and short ones but I much prefer my short ones to my tall ones as they look better in my opinion.

For me I like to wear them on days when I am just running errands/visiting my grandparents, as I can get away with wearing my bed socks with them. Perfect for the cold, chilly winter days.

Nike Air Max Thea

These are my go to trainers, I couldn't survive the winter without them. Nike trainers In general are my favourite but these specific ones are my go to. They go with any of my casual outfits, are super comfortable and last for ages. I have had mine well over a year with only minor scruffs and their not that visible.

If your looking for an everyday trainer and you haven't tried these I would recommend checking them out.

Topshop Petit Joni Jeans

My go to winter jeans would have to be my Topshop Joni high wasted jeans. These are the most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. I can wear these for 14 hours and they don't feel at all uncomfortable. They go with any outfit and are perfect for everyday wear. A winter essential that I couldn't live without.

Here Today Sweat By Project Social T

So my winter essentials had to include a comfy jumper that you can throw on with any item and it work. I love this jumper, it's super soft and although it's not thick I still find it keeps me warm in the cold. I have never heard of this brand before but you can pick up a few of their things at TopShop which is where I found this jumper.

If you need a new slouchy comfy top for your winter wardrobe, this is a good place to start.

So their you have it my main winter clothing essentials. I do have a lot more but if I put them all in this post it would of made it ridiculously long. If you want to see what else then feel free to go to the bottom of the page and check out my shop my style which features these and more.  Apologies for the main photo that will be getting changed asap. 

Have a Wonderful Winter Day, 
Until Tomorrow, 
Heathers World