Sunday, 6 November 2016

Mac Nutcracker Sweet Holiday 2016 Haul and First Impressions.

Hey everyone,

First off I want to apologise that this is another haul post, I have had a bit of extra cash these past few weeks so I have decided to treat myself more. So like this title says it is a haul and a first impressions of the bits I picked up from the Mac holiday 2016 collection.

I only stumbled upon this collect earlier in the week when I was having a look at what's new in beauty on the Selfridges website. Normally I don't bother with Mac holiday collections as I don't tend to find many things I like but this one was different and had more variety.
I decided that because I had bought some face products and eye products from Sephora that I would just look at the lip kits and pigments. In the end I decided to pick up three of the mini kits: a lipstick kit, a lipgloss kit and a pigment/glitter kit.

Having only received them the day that I am typing this up which is 5th November means I won't be able to give you all a full review, but lets get into the first impressions.

 Nutcracker Sweet Gold Pigments and Glitter Kit £26.00

The first thing I picked up was this pigment and glitter kit. I have wanted to try some of the pigments and glitters that Mac sell but could never justify the price as I wouldn't get through a full one, so when I seen this I had to snap it up. 
The set includes two glitters in Gold and Reflects Rust and two pigments in English Gilt and Heritage Rouge. This for me is the perfect set all of the shades are very winter appropriate and wearable. The size of the pigments and glitters are perfect for trying out the products from the brand. This is currently sold out on the Mac website but as I am writing this it is available here at Selfridges  I would suggest snapping it up asap as I suspect it will sell out here soon!!

Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipstick Kit £26.00

The second item I picked up was this nude lipstick kit. This is the one thing I have always wanted out of the mac holiday collections but have never picked it up until now. This set includes four miniature lipsticks with three permeant shades and one new limited edition shade I believe. I am kinda disappointed that their is only one limited edition shade as for a holiday collection I expected more LE shades left. 

 The three permeant shades are Creme Cup which is described by Mac as a light blue pink shade and a creamsheen formula. This is the only shade from the set that I already own and love. 
The next permanent shade is part of the matt range and is called Kinda Sexy, it is described by Mac as neutral pinky rose and I would say it defiantly fits that description. 
The final permanent shade is Whirl which is a matt shade and is described as a Dirty Rose. I would say this is more of a darker nude on me instead of a rose shade and I an not 100% sure it suits me but a lovely shade non the less. 

The new shade in this collection is also a Matt and is called Nouvelle Vogue and is described as a soft blue pink. I would describe this as a darker blue pink not nessicerially a softer pink but it is a lovely shade and the standout of this collection.

Nutcracker Sweet Nude Lipgloss Kit £26.00

The final item I picked up from the collection was the Nude Lipgloss kit. I was looking at the lipgloss kits and this one took my fancy as it includes 3 creamsheen lip glosses which are my favourite type from Mac and one dazzleglass.

As far as I am aware and from my research each lipgloss in this set is limited edition which I was pleased about considering the lipstick set only contained one LE item. The shades you get in the collection are:

Fashion Whim which Mac describe as a light beige and is a creamsheen formula.
Nutty&Naughty which is described as a mid tone pinky brown and is also of the creamsheen formula.
Pure Delight which is described as a light coral nude and is the final of the creamsheen formulas.
Prancin' Dancin' which is the only dazzleglass in the collection and is described as a copper shimmer.

I love this set, i think the shades are beautiful and very wearable. I can see myself getting a ton of use from these products.

Overall I am in love with the sets that I picked up and believe they justify the price tag completely. I also think they would be great as little gifts for Christmas. I also think if you really wanted to you could split the sets up and give one of each item as a little trio present. 

If you would like to see in depth reviews of the products please let me know in the comments below. Also let me know what holiday/christmas posts you would like to see so I can start planning them. I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and I will see you again next week. 

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