Sunday, 27 November 2016

A year later...

Hey guys,

So I don't know where to start with this post, I have tried to write it a few times now and everything I have written down hasn't made any sense so here I go again.

Around a year ago I went through one of the toughest times in my life, now I won't go into detail as I did a post detailing what happened here. But to sum it up for you all quickly I basically was forced to drop out of university due to bullying/ horribleness of other students which then brought on my anxiety and panic attacks to another level. I was in a very bad place back then.

So your probably all sitting their going but we know that so why are you going on about it again? The answer is because it came back up on my Timehop very recently that It had been a year since it was all confirmed that I would drop out.

This has kinda forced me reflect back on the year and how much I have changed as a person in a year, and how I have become stronger because of my experiences. It also made me acknowledge that those people did what they did to hurt me/make me feel like crap and instead of letting them win, I done the opposite and used the experience to grow stronger and become a better version of me.

In a way I wanted to write this post to show how far I have come, from that young and to some extent fragile 19 year old to this 20 year old strong independent woman. 

I also wanted to write it so that anyone reading this blog that are going through a rough/bad time can understand that it will get better. You will get through this and in a years time you can reflect on a bad situation and see the positives that have came from it. You can see it has made you stronger and more resiclient to situations.

So to sum it up a year can change everything, so if you ever go through a bad experience like I did know that in a years time it will change, and most probably for the better.

So I hoped you liked this post, it probably didn't make sense but I kind of wanted to reflect back on what has been a crazy year. I appreciate the support I have had of everyone in this last year so thank you very much for the lovely messages and comments.  Once again I am not posting this to gain sympathy instead just to share my experience.

I decided to post this post today in an aim to give a break from all the haul posts as I am trying to get a Topshop one up before #blogmas starts on Thursday.

To end on a positive note let me know in the comments below if you are doing blogmas or any festive posts so I can check them out.

Thanks for reading,
Until Next time,
Heathers world.