Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Sephora Haul and First impressions

Hey everyone,

I am back with an extra post for you all and this will be a Sephora haul and a mini first impressions. Back on the 14th of October I decided to place my first ever sephora haul so I thought it would be a good idea to show you all what I picked up and give a mini first impressions.

Now before I get into the products I thought I would let you know a little bit of information about ordering to the Uk and my order. So I ordered on Friday the 14th and I received the parcel on the 20th I believe.
I got a flat rate of £6 shipping because I spent over £75.
I was allowed to pick three samples and because it was my birthday month I got to pick between two birthday gifts as am a beauty insider.
They tell you how many points you earned before you finalise your purchase,  and you can spend those beauty insider points their and then and add them to your order.

Now onto the items that I picked up. I had originally planned to get things that I have wanted for ages but instead decided on some holiday products as I plan to do another order before I visit NYC next October.

Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe - £42.62

I have never tried anything from this brand before, so when I seen their holiday collection Christmas in New York and I seen this set I had to snap it up straight away. This is three eyeshadow pallets each with six eyeshadows and a blusher or bronzer. You also get a sample of the Better than Sex Mascara. What I love about this is that each pallet is scented differently so you get a gingerbread coffee, peppermint mocha and Eggnog latte. 

My first impressions of these are that they are good but I was a bit let down in the pigmentation of some of the eyeshadows more so the shimmer shades. The pallets do smell like they say they would but overall a 3/5 for me. As for the mascara I haven't really tried it yet but I am hoping it will be great.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush pallet colour wheel - £38.28

I have wanted to try Tarte blushes for so long so as soon as I seen this it went straight in my basket. It is as it says on the name a blush colour wheel. This contains 10 limited edition deluxe blushers that come in matt, lusters and two micro pearlesence highlighters. What I love is that their are a wide range of shades and finishes so your guaranteed to find something you like. I also love how it's separated into a warm and a cool side. 

First impressions of this was great, pigmentation is good their are a few which are less pigmented but I expected that in a big pallet. They have great wear time and don't fade easily as well. The fact that their is shades that suit me and my mum, who has opposite taste to me in makeup is amazing as it means they have catered to all audiences. Also for the price you pay you get a lot for your money.  I would give this a 4/5 and can't wait to get some of the permeant ones when I visit NYC next year

Tatcha Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalising Eye Mask- £10.44

This brand has been a brand that I have wanted to try so long and I debated getting their face mist which is so raved about but I instead decided to go for the eye mask. It claim's to be a hydrating sheet mask for the eyes with Okinawa red algae and peony extractNow I can't say much about it as I only bought one and I haven't tried it but so far so good. If you would like to see a more in-depth review once I have tried it let me know in the comments below.

Too Faced The Chocolate Shop - £50.45

The last item I picked up was also from the Too Faced christmas collection and a Sephora exclusive. Now I didnt really need this considering I had bought the grande Cafe set but I am glad I did. This set contains deluxe samples of the shadow insurance primer, better than sex mascara and a melted chocolate liquid lipstick. This also contains 21 eyeshadows,which are a mix of warm, cool and bright shades and are a range of finishes. It also has a deluxe sample of the famous chocolate soleii bronzer a highlighter and a blusher

First impressions are that the pallet is better than the grande cafe one as the pigmentation is slightly better in the shimmer shades. My only downside is that the shimmers have quite a bit of fall out which is a pain. They last a good few hours if I have used the primer underneath. The bronzer is a bit dark for me but the highlighter and blush are beautiful on my pale skin. Overall a 4/5 for this set 

samples/100 point purchase

The three samples I picked was:

Sephora Instant moisturiser + cream
Perricone MD: re Firm
Algenist splash absolute hydration replenishing gel moisturiser 
I haven't tried any of them yet but they will go into my sample draw for when I go away or want to try something new.

Because I spent over £100 I had 100+ points I could spend so I decided to pick up the First Aid Beauty Moisturiser. I am so glad I picked this up as it is raved about so much and I love it. It feels super hydrating and lovely on my skin. The sample size is also great considering it was kinda free??

Marc Jacobs Sephora Beauty insider Birthday Gift 2016

As it was my birthday month I was instilled to a free birthday gift, They gave me two options a skincare one from Fresh or this one. I obviously went for the Marc Jacobs one and I am so glad I did. I got a miniature lipstick which is a lovely nude pink and a twist up eyeliner in black. First of they are soo cute and secondly they are amazing to use. 

So their you have my Sephora Haul and First impressions. I hope you liked it and if you would like to see any in depth reviews or tutorials using the products let me know in the comments below. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and I will be back on Sunday with a new post.