Sunday, 2 October 2016

Chit Chat time with Heather's World- No 3

My week in pictures. 

Hey everyone,

I'm back with a new post and this time it is another chit chat post. A few posts ago I done a post saying that I would test a new uploading schedule. The plan for this week was for me to have had two  normal posts up and a chit chat post up on a sunday, unfortuently this never happened as my weeks been a bit up the wall so apologies for that.

Having had a proper look at my schedule in University I am still going to stick with the upload schedule that I have planned and I am going to attempt to start it of from this week. Please bear with me over these first few weeks as I am still trying to find my feet, I had planned to get posts pre written but family/personal reasons got in the way.  So anyway after this long introduction let's see what I got up to in freshers week.


Monday was nerve racking to say the least. I had to be in for two early morning introduction talks and then had to go back in for another one in the afternoon. They went well, didn't manage to meet anyone on my course but met a load of people off other courses. I found myself slowly enjoying the day as it went on, my anxiety still managed to creep in though. Then it was off to work and work was work, everyone thought it would be funny to wind me up over me wearing makeup which I never normally do but it was alright. 


I only had to go in for one Introduction talk on Tuesday which was fine. I found it okay and yeah their isn't much more to say apart from we got told about our business school and all the information we needed to know. After that I was done for the day so I decided to go home. While being home I managed to get a few drafts done and then spent some time doing some errands for my mum. It was then of to work and once again work was work. Had some minor teasing which was just banter but hey that's my work for you.


I had my first introduction lecture and this one was related to Business. I found it alright, spoke to a few people on my course or similar ones to mine which was great. Theirs not a lot we could do apart from listen to them talking for an hour. This finished early on so I popped home to have some food and pick up my uniform and then back I went for my first tutorial. 

My first tutorial went well, theirs only eight of us and we all seemed to get on right away which was good. My tutor is Italian as well which was interesting as we got to learn a bit about his childhood in  Italy. Before I knew it my tutorial was over with and it was time for work. Work was once again the same old same old, this week just felt a bit boring and dragged on for a bit. 


Today I was in university from 9am-12pm which wasn't bad. I had another tutorial with my marketing group which was okay as we discussed brexit. This time it was a bit more interactive as I had to get up and write things on the board and explain them to the group. After this I had an hour break which I used to explore Childwall and the local area and then it was back to go to my first Business tutorial. 

That tutorial was probably the best one of the week, we first had to describe ourselves with an adjective to the whole class. 
We then all had to get up and stand in a line and do the whole putting yourself in order from height- shoe size etc..
We then got in groups and had to do a kinda fun exercises which was interesting. I liked that it was very interactive as a lot of the week had been sitting down listening to people talk at us.  After this I was done for the day so it was off home again to eat and chill and get some things done around the house. Have you guessed what I am going to say next? Work was once again the same old thing, this week felt like it would never end. 


I woke up today very happy as it was PayDay!!!. The day then didn't get of to the best start as I assumed I would be in university for 9am, but as I got to the bus stop and checked my timetable it had changed to 10am. So back home I went for half an hour and then it was back to university for an Induction lecture for marketing. This was like the previous one for business but a bit more interactive. 

I then had a six hour break until my last tutorial so I obviously went back home. I spent a bit of time at home getting things done and then I had to go back. I went back for my tutorial and only 4 of us turned up so it ended up being a group discussion about brexit and the economy. I then managed to loose my bus pass on my way to work which was fab. Work was a bit better and we got our payday cupcake of our manager which was fab. 


I spent saturday with my grandparents. Working and being in university means that I don't get to spend a lot of time with them so I made the most of my saturday with them. I then came home and decided to make some homemade shortbread. It was then time to relax on the couch watch some Strictly and X Factor and have a night in. 


So here I am on sunday morning having woken up quite early, gotten a few things done, seen my Granddad. Now I am trying to end this post when It should of been up over half an hour ago sorry guys. I think today will be spent prepping for my first proper classes at uni tomorrow and also chilling out and catching up on the blogging world. Sorry my posts have been so spars the past few week but bare with me I will get it sorted soon. 

So their was my freshers week , not the most exciting nor the most interesting but very different to last years. I didn't go out as my loan and wages hadn't come in but that didn't bother me I still had fun I hoped you all liked this post and once again I am sorry for the lack of posting it will get better. I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday and I will be back again on Tuesday with a new post. 

Thanks for reading, 
Until next time, 
Heathers World