Sunday, 23 October 2016

A honest update!

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Hey everyone,

I thought I would do a little update post for you all. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I haven't been tweeting or uploading as much so I though you all deserved an honest update.

Back in August I had a plan to get loads of posts written up and ready for when I started university, and I did get some done but after re-reading them I wasn't happy with the content or quality. I ended up scrapping quite a few as I only ever want post's that I am happy with up on my blog. 

This then put me behind on my blog schedule and with my holiday coming up and working time just seemed to slip away. I just never had the time to replace the posts I had gotten rid off.

This has then impacted me as I started uni with no pre planned posts which put me under immense pressure as I needed to get content written. I have made a promise at least twice a week to get post uploaded on twitter but then things have got in the way. 

I honestly hate making promises and not being able to keep them. These past few weeks have been the hardest for me in terms of blogging. I have hated nothing more than being away from the community, I loved spending time commenting on blogs and interacting with my friends on social media. I feel like I let everyone down when I can't upload and at one point I considered deleting my blog altogether. 

I have found it so hard to balance having a part time job, being in university, blogging and having a social life. I have decided to go back to uploading once a week on a Sunday for now because at the moment I can't commit to my blogging schedule. I thought I could manage but I have realised that I can't and that something would have to give and that would be blogging. If I can I will do the extra post here and their but if not then so be it.

 I am hoping to try and get ahead with my uni work over the next month so that I can attempt blogmas this year but we will see. 

So basically what I wanted to say was I hope you will all stick with me, I love blogging and being apart of the community but it is hard to juggle four things which take up my life. Just bear with me and am sure I will get the hang of it soon enough.

I am aiming to get another proper post up later, but you should expect to see a huge Topshop haul and  a Sephora haul going up in a few weeks. If you managed to get through the whole of that post then well done, I just wanted to explain my absence to you all. Have a great Sunday.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,

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