Thursday, 15 September 2016

DisneyLand Paris Live The Magic - Travel Diary Day Two

Hey everyone,

Todays post is going to be another travel diary from my trip to Disneyland Paris. I actually wrote these up as drafts when I was in paris but for some reason they haven't saved so this version may not be as detailed. Anyway long introduction over lets get in to the diary!!

So day two of our trip was to be our only full day in DisneyLand Paris and we was determined to make the most off. And by making the most of it we meant over sleeping and nearly missing our Character breakfast in Cafe Mickey.

We had booked a character breakfast at Cafe Mickey as it was a way for us to meet some characters, and also because we knew they did relatively english food which is good when you have fussy eaters with you. We booked it for 8am and because we was so tired from the night before we managed to oversleep and woke up at half 7. Safe to say we all had the fastest showers of our lives and rushed to get dressed and get the bus to Disney village.

Luckily enough we had made it in time and had a lovely breakfast accompanied by Mickey, Chip n Dale and Goofy. I would recommend going their for breakfast 100%. The breakfast is a buffet style so you can go and pick what you would like which suited us well.

So after breakfast we set of back to the hotel as we was rushing so forgot some of our park essentials, we went back to pick them up and make sure we had everything we needed for the day ahead.

We had planned to spend most of the day in the DisneyLand park as we had done most of studios the previous day. We got into Disneyland Park at around 10am. We did do a quick stop off at Casey Corner so my little cousin could get a snack due to him not eating breakfast as he wasn't feeling well. we then headed of to do Indiana Jones which is the ride we missed out on doing the previous night. I actually enjoyed this ride a lot we got front row which was great.

The only disappointing this was that we payed out for the photo pass and a lot of the rides including this one didn't have photo ops. after that was done we decided to do some of the more smaller family rides which I found quite enjoyable. It was nice to do a mix of big rides but then family ones that my mum could come on. I loved It's a small world, Pirates of the Carribian and pinnocio. It was fairly busy but we expected that and the longest we waited for rides was around 45mins.

We managed to get a few of the smaller rides done before we decided to stop of for a bit of lunch. Once again it was chips, the only downsides to having a family that are very fussy eaters. After having lunch we decided to watch magic on parade which I loved, unfortunately at this point it started raining which was annoying as we didn't bring our coats with us.

The rain got quite heavy so we made the decision to get the bus back to our hotel and pick up our coats. While we was in the hotel we decided it would be a good idea to go into the Studio's park as my auntie and cousin wanted to do tower of terror again.

So off we headed to the studios park and me and my mum had a lovely sunbath while they went on tower of terror. Safe to say the weather was hit and miss this day. After they finished on tower of terror we decided we would que for ratatouille as that was the ride we missed out on the previous day.

Ratatouille was one of my favourite rides, I don't want to give to much away but it was well worth the wait and a must have to experience in the parks. We then proceeded to go and try and get on crushes coaster which was unfortuently down for the second day running. So off we popped back into DisneyLand park.

We done a few more rides like space mountain, pirates off the Caribbean, can you tell that they were our favourite rides? We then decided it would be nice to just have a walk round go have a nosey in some shops and also just soak up the atmosphere of the parks.

It was then tea time which as you guessed was chips and a hotdog, Don't get me wrong I love my family to bits but them being fussy eaters made it difficult. We lived of chips which didn't bother me. Holiday is meant to be fun and spontaneous and that was what ours was. Our tea was quite late again so by the time we finished we had enough time to go on Space Mountain again and then it was showtime.

We decided to leave halfway through the show as it was the same the previous night and we had a few things to finish that night. What I wish Disneyland Paris would do is have a few different shows and have it on a cycle so that you get the chance to see a different show each night. Instead of watching the show we decided to pop into the World of disney store pick up a few things and head to McDonalds to get a mcflurry.

It was then back to the hotel to start packing as we had to drop our suitcases off early in the morning. We managed to pack our suitcases quite quickly and by 12pm we was ready to go asleep. Considering we had to do around 12 hours of traveling to get home the next day an early night was a must.

I absolute loved this day and once again it never disappointed.

I hoped you enjoyed day two, sorry for the length of this post. Day three will be up within the next week. I hope you all have an amazing day.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heather's World.


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