Sunday, 11 September 2016

Chit chat time with Heather's World- No.2

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Hey everyone,

I am back with another chit chat time post for you all. I loved writing my first chit chat time and now I have decided to make them a permanent feature on the blog. This post will be kind of a round up of my week and also just any things I have to tell you all. I also thought it would be fun for me to have a quote picture that sums up my week from Pinterest as the blog header.

 So sunday started of very stressful indeed with me waking up with a huge abscess in my mouth. To top that off I then found out that the earliest emergency dentist appointment I could get was Monday morning great. This day was a bit of a nothing day as nothing much got done. 

 Monday was just as bad as sunday. I went and seen an emergency dentist and got some antibiotics to help reduce the swelling. I also got told to have the day of work as my abscess was big enough for me to struggle opening my mouth. Monday consisted of me sleeping, taking antibiotics and just relaxing. 

Tuesday was a bad day for me, little warning am getting a bit tmi so skip this bit. Basically I spent Tuesday morning being sick which meant another day of work which wasn't good. So yeah Tuesday was a write of for me. I also had a bit of friend drama which I am not going to go into but yeah if you read my tweets this week you would know my blood was boiling. 

I honestly woke up on Wednesday feeling so much better. I woke up with such a surge to get back into blogging and get my blogging mojo back. This day was spent drafting up a load of blog posts which will feature on the blog soon so look out for them. I then also went back to work and yeah work was work. I don't love my job but the people I work with make it even better like I couldn't ask for a better work group/managers. 

 Thursday was spent with the mother, helping her out with some jobs around the house and blogging. I am trying to make the most of free time to prepare lots of posts before I start University. Got another few posts drafted ready to be written up and then it was time for work which was same old same old. 

Friday was spent again with family and taking blog photos. I am trying to get blog posts pre written until the end of October as the end of this month and next month will be crazy busy with Uni work, family/friends. Work on Friday was a nightmare I went into work to see my section trashed and I was on my own. Defiantly wished I could of had an alcoholic drink after although I couldn't due to antibiotics. 

 Saturday was a bit more exciting. I got some exciting news that I may be moving house in six weeks time. We love where we live but it's not practical as we need to be closer to my grandparents who require a lot more support and care. So we found a house and we are just waiting to find out if we have got it. If we get it then expect some home decor/room posts as I will be making this my dream room as I doubt we will be moving again. So yeah we was planning for that and I also spent it blogging, like I said got a lot of blog prep to get done before my free time goes. 

So here we are Sunday morning, where I am writing this post up for you all. This week hasn't been the most exciting to write but I just felt like updating you all and having a chat. I have got the family coming round for a roast dinner later which will be lovely as we haven't done this for a while. I am going to sign of this weekly chit chat now so bye. 

I hoped you liked this post, sorry if you found it really boring but I promise they will get more exciting as the weeks go on. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday.

Thanks For Reading,
Until Next Time,
Heathers World