Sunday, 7 August 2016

How I stay motivated & organised whilst blogging.

Hey everyone,

In todays post I am going to be talking about how I stay motivated and organised while blogging. I took part in the #lbloggers chat on June 19th and it got me thinking about how I stay organised and motivated when blogging, I thought It would be a good idea to do my own take on this post.

Staying motivated as a blogger can be hard we all go through these period of times where we feel so uninspired and motivated to blog.  I have a few different things that I do to help me stay motivated and I have found them to be very effective for when I am having a down period.

Updating/improving on content 

The first thing I do is I look back at the content I have created on my blog and look to see how I can better that content. I will for example look at a few beauty posts I have done in the past and look to see if I can update them or how could I improve on the beauty related content I am putting out. This helps me stay motivated as it gives me a goal of working towards putting better content out and also making my blog the best it can be.

Look to the future 

To go alongside this I also look towards where I want my blog to be in the future, having a clear goal of where you want your blog to be and look like helps to keep me motivated as I am constantly working towards it.

Take breaks when needed

The final thing I do to keep myself motivated whilst blogging is to take a break, this may sound odd as you wouldn't associate having a break with helping you stay motivated but it works. If I am struggling to stay motivated I sometimes take an hour break and it really helps to motivate me, I find that while I am on a break I become more motivated to blog more as I miss it. I recently done a post on taking a longer blogging break so if you want to check that out you can find it here

Now for staying organised while blogging I do three things which help me stay completely organised and not stressed. I find these the best ways to keep on track when blogging.

Plan out my posts for the month

I try and plan out what posts I am doing for the month ahead. At the beginning of the month I will sit down and decide what eight posts I want to upload for that month, I will write the titles up on my blog and that way I know that these are the posts I have to work on next. 

Scheduling tweets

This is a must for me. Scheduling tweets has been a lifesaver, it has allowed me to be active and promote my blog while I am in work or unable to tweet. I find that on days that I am working I will schedule three tweets that go up an hour and a half after each other which covers my 4 hour shift. This helps keep my blog active but also for me to have a presence on social media at all times. 

Taking blog photos in blocks

By this I mean when I have the time I will take photos for a few of my posts that are coming up that month. I find this helps me a lot as it means I only have photos ready to go for my blog posts and it helps me keep on top of what I have left to do. It is also good as natural light isn't always guaranteed so when I get it I make sure I use it. 

So their you have it how I stay organised and motivated while blogging. It can be hard as everyone goes through a time where their uninspired and not motivated but I find using these things help me a lot. I hope you all have an amazing Sunday and I will see you back here on Thursday at 11am with a new post.