Sunday, 14 August 2016

Disneyland Paris Live the Magic - What's in my Travel Toiletry bags


Hey everyone,

Todays post is going to be another DisneyLand Paris travel post and this time it is a what is in my travel toiletry bags. I thought this would be a good post to do as I love reading these type of posts myself.

At the moment I do have two toiletry bags. A larger one to fit all my essentials and then a smaller one for some of the more smaller items. This also isn't everything that I am taking as I still have to decant some items into travel sized bottles and I also need to buy some last minute bits. Overall this may seem excessive to some but I am away for four days so bear that in mind.

Toiletry bags

I am taking two toiletry bags as so to separate my items a bit better. The larger one is a Mickey Mouse one which is from Primark. I am not sure if they still have them in stock as I got it about a month or two ago. The smaller toiletry bag is from Victoria secret which is part of a set which came with a fragranced body lotion and rollerball perfume, again I don't think this is in stock any more. 


I only currently have four skincare items already packed as I still need to decant some into travel sized bottles and also go and pick a few items up. The items I do have are all from a Origins set which I bought last year. They are:

30ml Ginzing energy boosting moisturiser
30ml Cheeks and Balances frothy face wash
15ml Clear Improvement active charcoal mask
15ml Modern Friction face exfoliator


For haircare I have kept it pretty basic and packed light, their is one or two essentials that I need to pick up such as dry shampoo but apart from that very basic. They are:

TRESemme 60ml heat defence spray
Pantene 50ml Hydra Intensify shampoo
Pantene 30ml Hydra Intensify Conditioner
Pantene 30ml Hydra Intensify Velvet Cream infusion. 


I have packed very basic for body care as well, only taking the essentials as I want to have room in my case to bring things home. They are:

Victoria Secret Bombshell fragrance lotion 75ml
Venus Snap travel Razor
Gilette Satin Care shave gel 75ml
Dove deeply nourishing body wash 55ml


So these are just some other necessities that I have to take with me including my medication. I am not going to name the specific medication that I take but they are for my migraines. They are:

Colgate travel toothbrush 
Colgate Healthy clean toothpaste 35ml
Cuticura Antibacterial hand gel 50ml

Victoria secret bag

Finally here is what I am taking in my Victoria Secret travel bag, These are smaller Items that would get lost in my big bag. They are:

Ted Baker mini mirror
Two clear Invisibobbles 
Box of hair clips from Primark 
Sony Pink Headphones
VS Bombshell rollerball perfume. 

So that is everything that is in my toiletry bags, it may seem excessive to some but to me it is my essentials that I need. I hoped you liked this post I am going to try and schedule a post for while am away, but am not guaranteeing it will go live as it sometimes fails and I have no internet to upload while am away. 

If I don't see you while am away have a fabulous week and I will be back with regular posting on the 25th August.

Thanks for reading, 
Until next time,
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