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Disneyland Paris Live the Magic - Travel Diary Day one

Hey everyone,

Todays post is going to be a travel diary from day one of my Disneyland Paris Trip. I haven't included what we did the day before in London but if you would like to see a diary entry from that day let me know in the comments below.

So to start of the day we had an early start as we had to get the Eurostar for 6:50 am, we had to be their an hour before but as our hotel was a two minute walk we got a small lie in. By lie in I mean half four in the morning.

The whole process of getting our tickets and going through security and borders went smoothly which allowed us some time to get a drink from Cafe Nero which was lovely. We managed to board our Eurostar without any complications and within 10 minutes we was on our way to Lille. As it was a Thursday we couldn't get a direct Eurostar which meant we had a nice little stop of in Lille station.

After around an hour we bordered our train to Disneyland Paris again without no bother and off we went to the land of magic. The train ride went smoothly and soon enough we had arrived. Upon arrival we dropped our bags of at disney express which I highly recommend doing, off we went to explore the village.

We had a good little mooch in some of the shops to see what was on offer and then we headed into the Disneyland Park. We wasn't able to check in until three pm so decided it would be a good Idea to see what rides was their as none of us have visited previously. We decided to get some food at Casey Corner which was lovely and then headed of to Pirates of the Caribbean which was one of my favourite rides.

I loved that ride it was a good ride to do after eating to let your food settle and was quite interesting to. We the proceeded to head back to our hotel Santa Fe and checked in. Once we arrived at our room which was a decent size and perfect for us. We then decided we would go and do some rides in HollyWood studios which meant I would have to face my Fear of Tower of Terror.

Not going to lie I crapped myself going on that ride, I love upside down rollercosters but drop towers aren't my thing. I did like it but it was the only time I went on but I am proud that I did it so well done me.

We then went on to Toy story Land which I loved, the theming was perfect and you felt like a little kid. We took my Auntie on RC racer which was like a giant pirate ship but taller and steeper. Finally Me and my cousin went on the Rock and Roll roller coaster by Aerosmith which I loved as it was my kind of ride.

After this was over and done with we went and had a nosey round the rest of the park, then we decided it would be a good idea to head back into the Disneyland Park to get some food. In the end we ended up with some chips as we wasn't that hungry surprisingly.

We then assumed that rides shut as 9pm as we went to get onto a ride at 9pm and it was shut. What we found out was that only certain rides where shut, so we had a little walk about the park and found that Buzz Lightyear was open so we managed to get on that before the que got massive.

I then proceeded to take my younger cousin on Space Mountain which quickly became one of my favourite rides. After that we then got a drink in a refillable cup and then went and found a place to sit while waiting for dreams to start at 11pm.

Dreams was amazing, oh my word it was a great show and I loved every second of it. Hands down one of my favourite parts of the trip by far. Once dreams was over at around quarter to 12 we went and had a little look in the village and got a McDonalds to takeaway.

Overall our first day was amazing and it gave a great insight into what the rest of the trip would be like, I felt like a child and being in that magical atmosphere made it even better.

So their you have it our first day, stay tuned for day two which will go live either Tuesday Or Wednesday. I hoped you liked this post and I hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend.

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