Sunday, 31 July 2016

Summertime Tag 2016

Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would do something a bit different, I have seen a lot of summer tags floating around on twitter and decided to create my own. I haven't seen all the summer tags so I want to apologise now if it is similar to any others I am not trying to copy anyone. Anyway let's jump in to the questions.

Q1- Pool break or city break?

For me it has to be a city break I love exploring new cities in the summer, don't get me wrong I love sunbathing but as someone who is porcelain pale I burn so easily so it isn't always the most enjoyable. Whereas exploring a city allows me to get out in the sun and enjoy it but also minimises the sunburn I get.

Q2 -Favourite Summer Cocktail?

Going to commit the biggest crime and say I don't really drink cocktails. If I am going to choose one I would say a Pina Colada as I love pineapple, but my drink of choice in the summer is a classic Vodka and Coke. 

Q3- What is your favourite go to summer makeup look? 

I love wearing a natural look with lots of bronzer and highlighter. I love wearing a nude eye look, light glowing base with a nice pink/coral lip. Minimal makeup is a must for me in the summer. 

Q4- Skirts or Shorts?

For me it has to be shorts, I am not a huge girly girl and the only time I wear a skirt is if it is a special occasion. Shorts are my go to for the summer months. 

Q5-What is your favourite Summer Perfume? 

Mine is Vera Wang Lovestruck Floral Rush, it is the ultimate girly summer fragrance and is perfect for the summer months. It is such a light fresh floral scent that lasts all day long.

Q6- Go to summer accessory? 

Mine would have to be my Michael Kors Jet Set travel cross body, I much prefer a smaller bag in summer and this is the perfect one for me. It is big enough to fit my essentials in but small enough so it is easy to take on my travels, pricey but worth it. 

Q7- Summer hairstyle? 

Love me some natural beachy waves in the summer, so quick and easy to do and looks so effortless. I use the BabyLiss Waving Wand to create mine but I don't think it is available any more. 

Q8- Go to summer food? 

For me it has to be anything bbq, bbq sausages, burger, skewers you name I am down for it. One of the best part's of summer is having a bbq with the family and why not when the food is delicious. One of my favourite bbq foods is mini hamburgers yum. 

Q9- Finally what is your favourite type of music to play in the summer? 

It has to be loud upbeat music, I tend to play whatever is in the charts at that moment in time. Nothing get's you more in the mood for summer than sipping cocktails and blasting music out loud while sunbathing. 

So their you have it my Summertime tag for 2016, I Tag all of you reading to do this post and leave me a link in the comments below when you have done it for me to check it out. I hoped you liked this different type of post, Sorry for the delay in it going live and I hope you have a great weekend. 

Thanks for reading, 
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