Thursday, 16 June 2016

A classic red lip combination

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Todays post is going to be about one my favourite red lip combinations. I rarely wear a red lip but if I do I choose between two combinations and I am going to tell you about one of them today.
Both of these products are from Charlotte Tilbury's makeup range which I am loving at the moment. I really like her lip products, I find they last a long time and wear really well.
This combination involves both a lipliner and a lipstick, I find this lip combo wears better without a gloss on top as it wears down more evenly.

So I start of by lining my lips using the lip cheat lip liner in Kiss n Tell. This lipliner is a true blood red colour. I find it's great to use just to line my lips or if I want my lip look to last even longer I fill them in with the liner. The liner doesn't skin into the lines on your lips and has great staying power and it is also a great product to use for overdrawing your lips if you choose to. The Lipliner costs £16 which I personally feel is a reasonable price for a high quality product.

The final step I use is to apply my lipstick. The lipstick I use is So Marilyn from the K.I.S.S.I.N.G range. This lipstick is a blue toned red which I find helps my teeth look whiter. It is a classic red shade and who better to name it after than a classic beauty icon. I find this lipstick lasts at least three hours + with minor eating and drinking, also when it fades it leaves a lovely red stain to your lips. The lipstick costs £23 which is quite expensive for a lipstick but I personally feel that the product quality justifies the price.

From L-R lipliner and pencil together, Lip pencil Kiss N Tell,
So Marilyn Lipstick  
Used together these help make a classic red lip that looks perfect for every occasion. As someone who is a lot more scared of wearing bright bold lips I find this to be the perfect introduction for someone wanting to wear bolder lip colours. If you wanted a more matt lip you could swap So Marilyn for a matt revolution lipstick in Red Carpet Red which costs the same as So Marilyn.

So their you have it one of my classic red lip combinations, If you would like to see a post on my other red lip look then let me know in the comments below. Sorry about my photos I had to use my phone as my camera is being a bit temperamental so sorry about the Fragmatic stamp.  I hope you all have a lovely day and I will see you again on sunday at 11am for another post.

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