Sunday, 1 May 2016

Some of my Favourite Quotes

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For this post I thought I would show you some off my favourite quotes, I had planned to get an Updated skincare routine post done but as I wasn't feeling very well yesterday I didn't manage to get the photos taken or edited. I still wanted to have a post uploaded for you all so I decided to do a post about some of my favourite quotes.

Back in October last year I done a post on quotes that I live by and thought I would update it and do a post about my favourite quotes even if they don't relate to me that much. If you want to look at that post you can find it here 

All of the quotes I have uploaded on here have been found on Pinterest and therefore I do not own any of them.

I love this quote, I find it to be very inspiring and motivational. If you have a dream call it a plan and work towards it so that it becomes your future. If I am ever having a day where I feel like giving up on my dreams and future plans I look at this quote and it brings me back on track. 

 Agree 100% with this quote, it's more important to have experiences and stories to tell in the future than to have materialistic things. When were older and we have children and grandchildren they will benefit more from hearing about our experiences than showing them something they don't really care for.

This quote helped me a lot back in November when I was going through the struggle of dropping out of Uni. At that time I thought my career was over and I was a failure, but this quote has helped inspire me to continue what I am doing as the best is yet to come. It will be exciting to see what the future holds and where it leads us.

This one doesn't relate to me as much as the others do but nonetheless it is one of my favourite quotes. In the end when we are old we won't regret the chances we took even if they didn't work out we will regret the ones we didn't take and what could of been. I now look at every opportunity I get with this mindset as I know when I am older this will be something I could relate to. 

Finally this one. This one is a tough one for me as I look back a lot at the happier times and memories but I also feel like it holds me back a lot as I can't let go of the past. It is something I am working on doing more but at the same time it's nice to look back once in a while. I do agree that you can't start the next chapter though if you are still hung up on the previous one. 

So their you have it some of my favourite quotes, apologies for it not being an updated skincare routine, that post will be up on Thursday so look out for that. if you would like to follow me on Pinterest and see what I pin you can do so here. I hope you all have a fabulous bank holiday weekend and I will see you again on Thursday. 

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