Sunday, 8 May 2016

Nars Virtual Domination Palette Review

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For today's post I thought I would do a review on the Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette. I received this palette for christmas 2014, and at the time it was limited edition so you can no longer buy it unfortunately. I am going to break down each section so you can see how it compares to my regular blushes from Nars and if it's a value for money product.

Value for money

First of lets talk about if it's value for money this cost £45 for the palette. In the pallet you get three blushers,  one highlighter and one bronzer.  The size of the blushes/highlight in this pallet are 4.5g which is slightly less than the 4.8g you get in a regular size blush/highlight from Nars.  As for the Laguna bronzer you get more in this palette 10g than you do in the one on it's own 8g. I personally feel this is value for money as you still get a lot of product for very little cost.

Shade Range 

Now onto the shade range in this palette, this palette has one highlighting blush and three regular blushes and a bronzer. I am not a huge fan on the highlighting shade put in here but I will talk more about that later on. I do like the selection of blush shades ,although I do wish they would of put a darker blush shade in that's more suited to the winter months as they are very much spring summer shades. Finally I like the fact that the included Laguna as it meant I got to try it out without waisting my money. 
Texture and pigmentation. 

Now onto texture and pigmentation. First lets start of with the highlighting shade Miss Liberty. I am really not a huge fan of this shade, I would of much preferred them to put Albatross in the palette instead. The texture of Miss Liberty is quite powdery and a little bit chalky. As for the pigmentation of the product it has very little pigmentation and has quite a lot of glitter particles in which makes it un wearable in the day time. 

As for the three blushes we have Deep Throat which is part of the permeant range, and we also have two limited edition shades which are Sex Fantasy which is a pastel pink and Final Cut which is more of  a coral orange shade. 

I am going to start with Deep Throat as I own the single blush of this and can give you a comparison between the two shades.  The texture of the one from the palette is powdery when compared to the single one which is more smooth. The pigmentation from the one in the palette is not as great as the single one. Overall the single one it a lot better than the one in the palette. 

Now onto the two limited edition shades. Sex Fantasy is a lovely pastel pink shade, the texture of this shade is better than the two I have just mentioned previously. This shade for me works fine it takes a few goes to build up the colour but it's a lovely pink colour when applied. The only downside is that it may not work for a lot of skin tones as it could show up quite ashy on darker skin. I would of liked to see a darker shade in it's place but for me its fine.
Now onto final cut, this shade is a coral orange colour. It is very pigmented and the texture is very smooth, for my skin tone I have to use a very light hand as it is so pigmented but when applied it's a lovely coral blush perfect for spring and summer. 

Now onto Laguna bronzer, this has more of the powdery chalky texture and the pigmentation isn't great. It is a medium brown colour so anyone with a fair skin tone will have to be careful when applying it. I am still testing it out occasionally as it is still very dark on my skin tone so I may use it as a crease shade for my eyes instead. 

Overall conclusion

Overall this pallet is great value for money, it's just a shame about the pigmentation of some of the shades. I am glad I own it as it is great for travel although I much prefer my single blushes to the ones in the palette.

So their you have it, I hoped you like this post, sorry for it being super long. Leave me a comment down below telling me what your favourite Nars product is or if you haven't tried anything what would be the first thing you want to try. I will be back again at 11am on Thursday with a new post so be sure to check that out. 

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