Thursday, 19 May 2016

Nars Lip Pencil Review

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I am back, I had a little break last week as I wasn't feeling 100% and had issues with my jaw so decided to take a break. I am now back and even more excited to get back into blogging and hopefully take it up another level. I will apologise for it being two Nars post's in a row I had planned a fashion haul but the items haven't arrived yet so that will be up as soon as possible.

Now onto today's post, I thought I would do a review of the Nars Lip pencils. I own six mini sized pencils four satin and two matt ones. I received five of them in a Christmas kit and one of them in the collaboration that Nars did with Glossybox a while back which you can check out my overview of that box here 

The shades that I own are:

Rikugien : This is a satin lip pencil that is a lovely neutral pink colour. For me this works as a my lips but better shade.
Descanso :  Another satin lip pencil that is a neutral colour but is more on the peach side of pink than rose on my skin tone.
Torres del paine :  This is a peachy coral shade which is a bit more vibrant that the previous two shades. This is part of the satin range.
Yu :  This is the last of the satin pencils and it is described as a shocking pink and it is that. It looks like a fuchsia pink on my lips but it is very bright and bold.
Iberico :  This matt shade is a true orange coral shade, on my lips it is very bright and vibrant, a stand out lip colour.
Cruella :  A true matt red shade, it is described as a scarlet red shade and that is so true. Such a cult classic shade.

From L=R Rikugien to Cruella 

Lets start of with the packaging.  I really like how sleek these pencils are as they don't take up a lot of room in your makeup bag and are slim enough to fit into a clutch bag on a night out. They have the traditional matt black packaging that Nars is known for. What I don't like about the packaging is that the pencils aren't twist up they have to be sharpened which can result in a waste of product.

The formula of these pencils are fantastic. The satin pencils are true satin in that they are neither overly glossy or matt and are very hydrating. I can get around 3-4 hours wear from them with minimal eating and drinking. What I love about the satin formula is that when they wear away instead of leaving bits of product gathered on the lips they fade lovely and leave a natural stain of colour.

The velvet matt formula is also very impressive. They last around 5 hours on me with minimal eating and drinking. As far as matt formulas go they are not as drying as others I have tried, they feel comfortable on the lips and when fading leave a lovely stain of colour. If you suffer with dry lips I would say use a hydrating lip balm before hand as it helps with keeping the drying feeling to a minimum.

As for the price I would say that they seem good value for money. I can't comment a lot on this as five of them I received in a gift set as a christmas present so not sure how much they cost. But I paid £30 for a Nars glossybox and received Rikugien as one of five items, so if you want to do it that way then I paid £6 essentially for that shade which is good value in my opinion.

Would I recommend them to others? Yes I would they are great products with standout formulas and excellent value for money. Unfortuently you can no longer buy Iberico, Torres del paine or Decanso as I believe they were limited edition shades but keep an eye out as they may be rereleased in future sets or collections. Overall I am very happy with the products and I am currently eyeing up my next shade to buy.

I hoped you liked this post, leave a comment down below letting me know if you have tried any of these products or any other shades. If not what shade do you want to try? I will be back again on Sunday at 11am with a new post.

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