Sunday, 10 April 2016

Coping with bad news and how to deal with it

Love this quote that I found on Pinterest. 

Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would talk about something a bit more personal, now before I get into it I want to do a little disclaimer in that I am not doing this for attention/ sympathy.  I am doing this post in the hope that it help others cope with bad news. I also am not claiming to be an expert this is just what I have found to work for us.

The past two weeks both me and my mum have received a lot of bad news and I thought I would share how we have coped with it in the hope that it helps other.

I am not going to go into what bad news we have received but what I will say is that it has been news about friends, family and my mum.

The first way we have dealt with the bad news is to talk openly about it. I have found that talking openly about the news has helped me cope better and come to terms what what has happened. Keeping yourself closed of isn't going to help as it will only eat you up.

The second way we have dealt with it is coming together as a family, having spent time with the family has helped. We sat and talked about how we can make the best out of bad situation and how we can get through it.

The third way we have dealt with the bad news is reminisced on all the good times we have had with family and friends. This has helped us think about the happier times and not focus on the negatives and bad times that are ahead. It's a nice way to turn a negative into a positive.

The final thing we have done to cope with the bad news is to make sure we have had something positive to look forward to. We wasn't going to go on holiday this year but have decided on a mini break to Disneyland paris in August. With all the bad news we have had over the past two weeks we thought we deserved a bit of happiness and theirs no where better than Disneyland Paris. It is my first time going and I am so excited.

If you would like to see a Disneyland Paris series on the Blog comment below and I will get that started. I also want to apologise for the no baking posts for the past two weeks, I am taking a little break from them at the moment but it will be back soon.

I hoped you liked this post and it helped or gave you ideas on how to cope. Hopefully things will look up in the future and all the bad news is out of the way to make way for all the positive happy times ahead.

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Heathers World,