Thursday, 24 March 2016

Pantene expert hydra intensify velvet cream infusion review.

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For todays post I am back with a full review of the Pantene Pro V hydra velvet cream infusion. I was thinking of what to post for you all and decided I would do a full review on this product for you. I had mentioned it previously in my current hair care routine which can be found here  I also just want to mentioned that this isn't sponsored or anything I just really like their products and ranges.

Pantene has three expert ranges each targeting a different hair issue. The three ranges are the Age defy, advanced keratin repair and the hydra intensify collection. As mentioned in my haircare routine I use the expert keratin range as my shampoo and conditioner. I was on the lookout for a hydrating hair serum as my hair gets very dry and very unmanageable due to me constantly using heat and getting highlights in it.

As I loved the keratin range I opted to try the hydra intensify Velvet creme infusion. As stated on the Pantene site this product is targeted at us wavy frizz prone hair who want a little bit of help with humidity and frizz.

The product comes out as a clear serum, it is one of the more thinner serums. What it says on the back of the bottle to do is to apply 1-2 pumps rub hand together and apply to dry hair. It does say start from the bottom and work upwards avoiding the roots, but what I do is if i have any left over I will rub it near the top of my hair ever so slightly.
Had to put it on a cotton pad
 otherwise you wouldn't of seen it. 

You can also use it daily but I prefer to use just after blow drying my hair to give a bit of moisture back into my hair.

What I love about this product is that it does what it says it will, I hate buying a product where it claims to do things and then never lives up to it. This does I take two average size pumps of the product, rub my hands together and then massage it into my hair and within 10 minutes my hair feels softer and looks a lot more healthy.

The bit am holding has product the other bit doesn't, little comparison
What I would say is that anyone with oilier hair may not get on with it, as it may leave their hair looking a bit greasy. This is perfect for anyone with dry hair though.

The bottle is 100ml and is £6.99 as all of the expert ranges are a bit more expensive. It is value for money I have had mine for at least 6 months and am no where close to running out.
Overall I would recommend this product to anyone with dry frizz hair who needs help nourishing and smoothing out their hair.

Have you tried any of the Pantene expert ranges? what is your favourite haircare product? Comment below.
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