Thursday, 10 March 2016

OOTW- My Mothers Day Weekend Style.

Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would do something a bit different and do an OOTD for the weekend to show you what I wear on a weekend. As this weekend was mothers day I was very busy and out a lot so wanted to wear something quite casual but also still fashionable. Sorry if the photos aren't the greatest I had my mum take them for me and she is still getting used to using my new camera.

So on saturday we had to take a trip up to Speke in Liverpool where I live to go return a bed we got for the dog which was to small. As we have to get two busses to get their I wanted to go for a casual outfit but something that would still keep me warm and look okays.

The jumper I wore is from Forever 21 and I don't believe that it is available any more. I bought this at least over a year ago when I was shopping with my friend. What I loved about this top is that it was fleecy inside so helped keep me extra warm in the winter. It also wasn't to thick that it was hard to wear under a coat. I mainly picked it up as it has the lion King on and I am obsessed with the Lion King.

The jeans are from Zara and are the Skinny mid rise ones. I am obsessed with Zara jeans at the moment, they just fit so perfectly and look amazing. I have tried a range of jeans from different high street brands and these are by far my favourites. They cost £29.99 which is pretty reasonable for a high quality pair of jeans. You can find them here

Finally onto my shoes I love my white Converse low tops. These are one of my go to pair of shoes. They just match any outfit perfectly and as I knew I would be doing a lot of walking I wanted something that I would be comfortable in and these were it. You can find them here  These are the leather version which cost £54.99.

To pull the outfit together I paired it with my favourite small daytime bag the Micheal Kors Jet Set cross body in navy. This is one of my favourite bags to use and is the perfect daytime size. This bag can be found here and it costs £155. To also accessorise I wore my most loved watch my rose gold Micheal Kors one. The actual name of this watch is Parker MK5896. This is the perfect accessory to any outfit it just adds a bit of glam to a casual outfit. It costs £279 and can be found here

Now on to Mothers day, for Mothers Day we planned to go visit my nan and then we was going for a casual meal to celebrate. I let my mum decide where we went for our meal and she decided she just wanted a more casual meal instead of a posh restaurant. I decided I wanted to make a bit more of an effort but keep with the casual look to suit the place we was going. We choose to go to Yates as it's a place my mum loves. 

Overall the day was lovely and we had a nice chance to have a talk and to spend some time together. 
This is what I wore:

The top I went for is from Zara I love this top it has a high neckline so sits quite high up. It also is made of two different materials the main section of the top has a softer texture than the arms of the top. I liked this top as it looked a bit more dressier than some of the other tops that I own and fitted perfectly on my body. I can't actually remember how much this was and I can't find it on the Zara website so am not sure if you can still buy it anymore. 

My jeans once again are from Zara. Can you tell that I am obsessed with Zara clothes at the moment. These jeans are the Trafaluc ones I think. I can't actually find them on the Zara website anymore but I believe they were under £30 pounds. 
I love these jeans as they are super comfortable and fit me perfectly. These are probably my favourite pair of jeans I own at the moment, so easy to dress up or down and are perfect for when you go for a meal and eat to much if you know what I mean aha. 

I once again Paired this outfit with My low top converse, Micheal Kors bag and watch. to keep the casual aspect of the outfit but still add that bit of glam. 

So there you have it my very first OOTD I hoped you liked it. Sorry about it not being as good I am hoping to do more of them if you like this one. If you would like to see a whats in my bag or the makeup that I wore on mothers day comment below, and Ill add them to the list. Also leave me a comment stating what OOTD you would like to see next. 

Thanks for reading, 
Until next time,
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