Thursday, 31 March 2016

Heathers World takes on London - Easter Monday Haul

Hey everyone,

Todays post will be a haul of the things I bought while in London on Easter Monday, but before I get into the post I just want explain what will be happening regarding the other posts. I unfortunately wasn't able to get any pics of my outfit in London due to the weather. as I planned on taking the photos in Covent Garden and when we went it bounced down. I will be doing an outfit post thought it will be photos of me wearing the outfit at home. To go along with that I didn't get any decent photos of the day so I will delay that post for when I go back in April

Sorry for the long introduction now onto the actual haul. The first things I picked up were from Victoria Secret. This is a must place for me to visit as we don't currently have one in Liverpool although we are getting one this summer, the closest one to me is the Trafford centre which costs me just as much to visit as it does to London.

The first thing I picked up were a PJ set.The set is called the Mayfair tee-jama and it a pair of long bottoms with a short v neck top with a matching eye mask. I have wanted a pair of pjs for so long and I am so glad I finally bought them they were £48.00.

The final thing I got from the shop was a bombshell duo set, I spotted this as I was in the que and couldn't resist picking it up. It contains a bombshell rollerball and a fragrance lotion. Bombshell is my favourite scent from Victoria secret and for £23.00 you get a small pouch and two products so can't complain. I also received a free secret rewards card which has anything from £10 t0 £500 on it, am not sure if you had to spend a certain amount to get one or anything as I hadn't heard anything about the promotion. The only thing is its only valid from 29 March to 29 April and can't be used online. I will hopefully be going back in april to spend this so you can expect more posts from that trip.

The next place we went to was Selfridges where I picked up two Zoeva Brushes The first brush I picked up was the 230 Luxe pencil precise blender brush. I got this as I hope it will be a cheaper alternative to the Mac pencil brush which I keep eyeing up. The second brush I picked up was the 128 Cream cheek blush brush. I needed a brush to use with my cream blushes so thought this would be a good one to try. We also picked up some cupcakes from Lola's cupcakes which were yummy.

The final things I bought for my self were from Kiko. I had intended to pick up some eye crayons and lipsticks but it was so packed that I never had the chance. I instead picked up more of their nail Lacquers, they had an offer on where it was buy 3 products get 3 fee. I picked up 4 shaded for myself one for my mum and one for my auntie. I don't have the shade name for my auntie as she has been given here's but the rest were in order 221, 504,505,521,376. I adore this range and for £2.50 each it is a bargain.

My mum picked up a few bits from harrods which included 2 small teddies, some pens for family members and some fairy cakes for me. I also got my hands on this issue of blogosphere magazine which I was pleased about.

I hoped you liked this haul sorry about the long post. I will see you again on saturday for another instalment of baking/Cooking with heathers world. If you want any reviews of any products leave a comment below and I will get onto that.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heathers World