Sunday, 20 March 2016

Heathers World Takes on London- Easter Monday Wish list.

Hey everyone,

First of I had to admit I didn't actually have any ideas of posts I wanted to do for today. I have had a bit of a meh weekend and I was actually planning on doing this post next week. I have decided to do it today as I wanted you to have a post up. Anyway on to the post I am doing a wish list of things I want to pick up when I go to London on Easter Monday.

The first thing I want to pick up is one of the Lancome Juicy Shakers. I have heard so many good things about these products and really want to try them. I admit the packaging is what drew me in at first but having read reviews I really want to pick up a few of them. I am not sure what shades I want to buy so leave your recommendations below.

The second Item on my wish list is a Pandora charm. My mum has treated me to this trip to London so I wanted to do something for her and get her another charm for her bracelet. I am thinking of getting her the Big Ben charm to symbolise the times we have gone to London together but ultimately it will be her choice.

The third Item I am wanting to pick up is some Zoeva brushes. I recently discovered that Selfridges sell Zoeva so I am hoping to pick up some individual brushes when I am in London I am not sure which brushes to go for so I would really appreciate if you could recommend which ones to go for.

The fourth Item I am hoping to pick up is a pair of the Victoria Secret Yoga pants. I have wanted a pair of yoga pants from vs for so long and have never picked them up so I think I will this time I go. If they still have the offer they are having online I may even pick up two pairs who knows.

The fifth and final Item I am hoping to pick up is a new perfume. I am not sure what perfume I want to pick up but I would like to get one. Normally if I go on a trip I like to get a new perfume to remind me of that trip. If you have any recommendations that I need to check out leave them below.

There you have it my wish list for London, I am sure their will be other things I will end up buying and I probably won't get everything on my list. I just want to apologise for this not going up on time and not being one of my better posts. I am trying to get a few extra posts up for you for the next two weeks. I will be snapchating my trip so if you want to see what I get up to add me at heathers-world.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heathers World