Thursday, 3 March 2016

Burberry Eyeshadows Review

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For todays post I thought I would do a review of the three Burberry eyeshadows that I received for Christmas. So back in december when I went to London for the day while in covent garden we popped into the Burberry boutique. My mum offered to get me some makeup bits as part of my presents and I choose three eyeshadows and two nail polishes which I will feature in a separate post.

So the three eyeshadows I choose was No 102 Pale Barley, No 000 Optic White and No 002 Nude. I choose these shades as I needed a few basic shades for my collection to use as base and highlight shades.

Each eyeshadow is 1.8g and cost £23.00 each. I feel this is good value as you only need a little bit on the brush to apply to the lid. I can imagine these eyeshadows will last a long time so I can justify the hefty price tag.

They come in a lovely Burberry velvet pouch with the typical Burberry Checked embossed on the top. This product just screams luxury and feels so luxury to own and hold.

The first eyeshadow I got was one of the eye shadow silk in Pale Barley Pale Barley is such a cult shade in the blogging and youtube world and I can see why, it's a geourgous nude brown shade. It works perfect for me as an all over the lid colour if I am going for a natural everyday look, or it works well when pared with other eyeshadows.

from L-R : Pale Barley, Optic White, Nude 
The second eyeshadow I own is Optic White, I choose this shade as it works well as an inner corner highlight, or if you need a bit of sparkle on the lid. Its not the most pigmented but it's a lovely luxury treat. This shade verges on the more pearl side of white instead of being pure white, this doesn't bother me as I bought it to be more of a sparkle colour. This is apart of the eye shadow glow range.

The final shade I asked for is Nude, I wanted a nude shade as i don't actually own a nude coloured eyeshadow. This shade is more of a dark golden brown shade than a true nude but I love it. It like the others has a shimmer to it and for this reason it works so well as a lid colour. Because of the colour of this it looks lovely as a standalone eyeshadow or pared with other brown, neutral eyeshadows.This is also apart of the eyeshadow glow range which has light reflecting particles which the silk ones don't have.

From L-R Pale Barley, Optic White and Nude
Overall I would recommend these eyeshadows, they are good value for money in terms of size, they feel buttery soft. They apply like a dream and blend well. Overall they are a lovely bit of luxury makeup to own. Don't let the price tag put you off as I promise it is worth the money, I can't wait to buy more eyeshadows to add to my collection.

I hoped you like this post, I will do a separate one one the two nail polishes I own. Feel free to leave me a comment or follow me on any of my social media. If you would like to see me create an eye look with these shadows comment below and I would be happy to do that.

What I want to know is what is your favourite Burberry or High end makeup product?

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