Saturday, 12 March 2016

Baking with Heather's World- Jam Tarts

Hey everyone,

I am back with another recipe for the Baking with Heather's World and this time it's Jam Tarts. I let my mum pick the recipe for this week and she choose Jam Tarts.

We decided to use packet Shortcrust Pastry Mix as we wanted it to be quick and easy but if you prefer to make your own pastry feel free. Hopefully when we get better at making things with pastry we will make our own.

The ingredients you will need is:

  • 125ml of water 
  • Some Plain flour 
  • A jar of your favourite jam we choose Strawberry
  • A bit of butter to grease the baking tray
  • Shortcrust pastry mix. 
  • A cookie cutter to cut out the circles or in our case a twilight mug that is the same size.

The first thing you need to do is use the butter to grease the baking tray. To start of you need to empty the contents of the Pastry mix into a mixing bowl. Then proceed to get rid of any lumps in the mix. 

Once this is done add the water into the bowl and mix. We mixed ours with a spoon but you can use a wooden spoon. We also found that we needed a bit more Water than what was recommended, but feel free to add as much as you need. 

Once the mixture has formed into a dough sprinkle a bit of flour onto the worktop surface to prevent the dough sticking. 

Then proceed to roll out the mixture to the thickness you feel you need. We did do one to test but found it was to thick so made the rest a little thiner. 

Once you have them all lined up in the baking tray put some holes in them with a fork which allows them to cook better, then put in as much jam as you feel you need.
You can glaze them with milk or egg to make them a bit more golden but we forgot to do that so mum done that mid bake. We then put them in the oven on gas mark 4 for 15-25. But always bear in mind every oven is different so you may need a higher gas mark or to leave them in for longer. 

Once you take them out the pastry should be lightly golden and the jam should of expanded. Me and my mum have tasted them and can confirm they are lovely if I do say so my self. Overall I really like this recipe as it is quick and easy to make, obviously it will take longer if you make your own pastry. 

I hoped you liked this post their will be some healthier cooking recipes coming up, but as always if you have a recipe you would like to see leave it in a comment below.

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Heathers World