Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Upload Schedule update

Hey everyone,

Just got a quick update for everyone and that is my current upload schedule. I did a post a while back talking about my upload schedule and not a lot has changed since then.

I am still going to upload on a Thursday and a Sunday but I will try and get these posts up by 11am. Their may be the odd occasion where it doesn't go up on time but I will let you know in advance if that is to happen.

 I have also added another day which is Saturday, on Saturday a new post will go up at 11am also but it will be part of my Baking/ cooking series which I have started. Again I will aim for it to be up by 11am but that may not be the case as I take my photos for this series on the same day I upload due to time restraints.

I am also looking at getting new series started so I will update you if I add any other days to the schedule. I will also try and get one extra post up a week to for you, But don't count on it as some weeks I am busier than others.

So at the moment you will be getting two 'normal' posts, one weekday and one weekend with the added cooking one on a Saturday.

I hope you like this schedule feel free to leave me any comments and follow me on social media. I am now on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/heathersworld96/.

I will see you on thursday with a new post,

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heather's world