Wednesday, 3 February 2016

My typical Sunday

Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would do something a bit different and show you what a typical sunday is like for me. This is what I 99% of the time do if I have nothing special planned.

So I normally wake up between 9-11am depending on the days tasks. So I wake up have a wash and brush my teeth then go downstairs. Normally Ill go downstairs sit with my dog and my mum makes me a cup of tea.  I will drink my tea have my breakfast. Now depending on if I managed to get to town on Saturday then I normally don't get dressed unless we have visitors, on the off chance that I haven't popped to town this is the time I go and get dressed.

So at around 11am most Sundays I will get dressed into joggers and my relaxing jumper if am staying in or maybe jeans and a top if I pop to town.
Normally I don't go to town on a Sunday so what I normally do at around half 11 in the morning is I will post my blog post if it isn't already scheduled. I then check social media.

At this point its normally 12pm so depending on if Everton is on tv I will either take all my blog photos that I need to take or ill watch the match. If I watch the match then I will take the blog photos after.
Cause the Football can be on anytime from 12- half 5 this time frame is normally blog photos, football, social media and relaxing. The order will depend on the day.

We normally have tea around half 5-6 and most of the time it is a roast but it can differ depending on how busy my mum has been. Straight after tea we normally have a bit of baking time, we always bake fairy cakes. Which is packet mixture but then we also bake other things which you can see in my upcoming baking series.

This normally finishes around half 6-7pm at which point I will take a relaxing bath and wash my hair. I will also start the main part of my nigh time skincare routine. (leave a comment if you would like to see that post). This takes me to around 8pm at which point I will settle down on the couch with my family. Recently I have been taking part in blog chats at this time. When this is all done with at around 10pm I will settle down and watch a movie with the family.

Once the movie finishes I normally get ready for bed, this involves finishing my skincare routine, brushing my teeth and settling down in bed and reading a book for a bit.  So their you have it my typical sunday, sorry if its boring and a bit confusing. Sundays are normally my Lazy days unless I have to go to town or have something on.

So their you have it, not one of my best posts but I thought it would be nice to do more of a personal post. If you like these more personal posts please comment below what you would like to see. I hope you enjoyed this post.

Thanks for reading,
Until next time,
Heathers World