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LOreal Colour Riche A L'Huile in 114 NudeDeMoiselle Review

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For todays post I am back with a nail polish review, since my last one was very well received I thought I would do another one today for the new Loreal polishes.

So about two weekends ago I was in town shopping and I was in super drug and they had some new Loreal polishes which were on three for two so I decided to pick 3 up. I picked up one for my mums beauty bag for mothers day and two for myself. The shades I got where 114 NudeDeMoiselle and 112 Blanc De Lune. The review I am doing for you all today is on the nude shade.

First impressions are good, I love the packaging of the bottle I think that was what caught my eye. The brush is a wide one similar to some of the Rimmel polishes which I love as it makes applying the polish so much easier.

Shade 114 is a very nude baby pink shade in the bottle, on me its shows up more pinker than nude but if your darker skinned than me it may show up more nude.

For the first coat I apply a very thin even layer on to each nail, the drying time isn't the quickest compared to Kiko or my higher end polishes but I personally don't mind waiting a bit longer. The polish applies very evenly due to the wide brush head and coats my nails in one or two swipes. This is how it looked after the first coat.

The second coat I apply a bit more thicker just to get more coverage on the nail, this doesn't make a difference to the drying time. It takes the same amount of time to dry even if you go a bit thicker on application. The drying time is around 7 minutes on my nails.
This is how the polish looked after second coat, very shiny and glossy.

The third coat I applied was a bit thiner than the second coat which at this point I find the colour was opaque enough on the nail. On my nails I find it to be a lovely natural nude nail. The shade doesn't wash me out like I had expected it to, it just gives a natural nail look.

I found the polish to last five days before chipping began without a top coat. On day five mine was starting to peal of. Because of my job requires me to spend 4 hours hanging clothes I found that to have helped it wear a lot more. You could probably get around 6 days if you didn't do much with your hands.

Overall I am very pleased with the longevity of the polish, with a top coat it could of lasted longer but for a drugstore polish to last five days before minimal chipping and pealing I am happy. Overall I would recommend these polish as their very good quality and last a long time. They are currently on 3 for 2 in boots so I would recommend going down their to check them out. I already have my eyes on some of the more colourful polishes. These are £4.99 each which is very good for the quality.

What is your favourite nail polish? comment below

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