Sunday, 21 February 2016

First Impressions - Makeup Revolution flawless pallet.

Hey everyone,

For todays post I thought I would do a first impressions post on a pallet I picked up yesterday. This has been a pallet I have been eyeing up for a while now. Their are 32 eyeshadows and they have quite a rose toned theme. Their are some darker blues and some browner nudes as well.

I really like this pallet, it has a range of colours to suit any eye look you are wanting to create. I personally have been wanting to try out some rose toned eyeshadows but don't want to pay out for the Urban Decay one so I feel this is a great substation at a great price.

What I also like is that they have named they eyeshadows which not many cheaper brands do, this helps to distinguish between colours.

I haven't had the chance to test out the staying power on the eyelids but I do own another on of their pallets, the staying power on that one is quite a few hours so can imagine this will be the same. When  swatching the pallet some of the colours swatch a bit better than other which I expected.

Some of the shades that don't swatch that well are buff, highlife, silver smoke, barley pink and shimmer heart. These are the more paler nude shades which I expected them not to be as pigmented.

But their are others like blue stars, black tie , green stars and darkest shimmer which swatch really well.

Their is a range of shimmer and matt shades within the pallet which I like as I don't always want shimmer eyeshadows in one pallet. I am really looking forward to experimenting with they colours and seeing what looks I can make.

The pallet costs £8 which is very good value for money, of course for the price you will get some dud eyeshadows but no complaining from me. I really like the pallet and may have to pick up their all matt eyeshadow pallet next.

What is your favourite Makeup Revoloution product and which do you recommend I check out next?

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