Thursday, 18 February 2016

First impressions Benefit Triple performing moisturiser.

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For todays post I thought I would do a first impressions/mini review of the Benefit Triple performing moisturiser. I received a sample size of this at christmas and have been testing it out on an occasional basis. I haven't been able to fully test it as I did have an eczema breakout which is why this is more of a first impressions.

The size of the bottle is 8.9ml which is a fairly decent size for a sample. It comes in a smaller size box of the original and the product also comes in a glass bottle which I was impressed with. The only downside to this is that it makes it a bit unpractical for travel, another issue is that it doesn't come with a pump so you have to try and not pour to much out.

The benefits of this product is that is has an SPF 15 in it which is great as it helps protect the skin.  It is also oil free so great for those oiler gals.
The product comes out in a thick white cream, which you have to be careful not to pour to much. Although it is very thick it blends in very well.

What I will say is that is has a very strong scent, for me it's not a big issue I just switch back to my old moisturiser when I am having a super bad skin day. This may become an issue though if you don't like scented skincare or react very badly to scented products.

Overall I really like this product and as per usual with Benefit the standards are high and the product and quality reflect it. It is very hydrating, sinks in very well and is a great moisturiser. As I continue to use it I will give you a more in-depth update in the future. I hoped you liked this post, would you like to see a review of the products in their 2015 calendar and what I thought of them?

Leave a comment down below with your favourite benefit product, and I will see you again on Saturday for a baking post that will be up on time this week.

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