Monday, 8 February 2016

Farfetch Red carpet blogger competition

Hey everyone,

I have a very exciting post for you all today, about a week ago a company called Farfetch got in touch with me and asked if I would like to take part in their blogger competition. Disclaimer I am not being sponsored to do this post the company asked if I would take part in this competition and I agreed as I love their website. If you want to check it out you can find it here:

Farfetch is 'a global community of over 400 visionary fashion boutiques offering an inspirational shopping experience to fashion-forward consumers". They have boutiques located everywhere from Paris to Seattle. They were founded in 2008 and they showcase over 1000 brands. They are a company that is dedicated to supporting independent fashion and also the cultural diversity that comes from everyones unique style and vision.

Onto the competition, the challenge is to create a wish list or fashion set using items from their website or our wardrobe to create the red carpet look of our dreams. The winner will receive a Farfetch voucher worth £250/$350.
Now the criteria for the blog post is:

  • The outfit will take inspiration from the red carpet looks.
  • Will stand out from other blog entries 
  • Will be fashion forward and of the moment. 

Here is my entry to the competition and good luck to all the other entrants. 

So to start of my look I choose a dress by Oscar De La Renta.

I love this dress I think the neckline is very flattering on the body and also the detailing such as the rose gold flower embellishment compliments the champagne dress perfectly.
I choose this dress as a lot of the dresses on the red carpet at the moment are still rocking the tulle as shown by Sarah Hay at the golden globes red carpet. I also choose this dress as I love the sparkle and embellishment on the dress which we have seen a lot of red carpet looks rocking. This is slightly different as it offers a more chunky embellishment and sparkle compared to some of the more minimal sparkle we have seen.

Onto the shoes, I choose the Kayden sandals by Jimmy Choo

I choose these shoes as I though they matched the dress very well. The glitter on the shoes is a smiler colour to the flower detail on the dress. Every woman loves a bit of sparkle and for me these would be my dream shoes to wear on a red carpet, even if they can't be seen. A little sparkle never hurt anyone.

Now onto the clutch bag, I choose the Charlotte Olympia clutch bag.
I choose this bag as a lot of the clutch bags featured on the red carpet have been quite minimalistic and plain. I like this bag as it won't take away a lot of attention from the dress due to it's minimalistic style. This is a trend that has featured a lot on the red carpets and will continue to do so. By having a clutch that almost matches the dress it helps pull the outfit together without taking away from the glamorous dress, and this is what the bag achieves. I also choose it as it is small and that is another trend featured on the red carpet, most people now prefer to have a smaller clutch as to not take the limelight from the dress.
Now onto jewellery, starting with earrings. Although I don't have my ears pierced and wear earrings if i did the ones I would choose are Shaun Leane Cherry Blossom diamond ones.
I would choose these ones as they are very dainty and pretty. These would add a bit of sparkle without being in your face and would help frame the face nicely. These also tie in well with the dress as they feature flowers so would help pull the look together. I would have my hair in an updo to show of these earrings.

On to bracelets now, again in the shaun Leane cherry blossom range:
I would wear this as it is always nice to have matching jewellery that tie in well with your outfit. It fits the look I am going for and dainty jewellery is always on trend and always will be something that never goes out of fashion. I love how the flowers tie in with the embellishment on the dress and I love sterling silver jewerllery. This would be worn on my left hand. 

Next is the rings and I have two rings from the Cherry blossom range by Shaun Leane. 

These again match the theme and look I am going for, they fit in well with the dress and provide a bit of bling on the hands. I would wear one on each hand so that they don't merge into one big cluster. Flower jewellery is something that comes in and out of fashion on a regular basis and I see it being a big trend again in the summer. 

The Necklace I have chosen is from Salvatore Feraggamo and it is a ballerina shoe necklace. 
This necklace was chosen as it matched the Silver jewellery that I had chosen, I also thought it would stand out amongst everything else as it was slightly different. I love pendant necklaces and feel they can help finish an outfit. This I feel would stand out amongst the champagne dress.
Finally a little touch from myself I would add my Michael Kors Watch to the outfit. 

This is the exact same watch that I own and I choose to add this watch to my outfit as you don't see many red carpet looks that includes a watch. The rose gold tones tie in with the shoes that I have picked. I would wear this on my right arm to add a bit of bling to the outfit. I hope that In the future we see more watches been worn by the females on the red carpet. 

So their you have it my entry to the Red carpet blogger competition. I hoped you like this post and go check out the Farfetch website as it has a range of different brands and products on. Leave me a comment below telling me what your dream red carpet look will be? 

Thanks for reading, 
Until Next time, 
Heathers World.