Thursday, 11 February 2016

Babyliss curl pods review.

Hey everyone,

For todays post I am going to do a review of the Babyliss curl pods. I had been dropping hints to my mum that I would like them for christmas and she kindly got them for me.

To start of I am completely obsessed with Babyliss hair styling tools, I own most of them and I done a review of the Waving wand which you can read here. Apologies for the lack of photos on that one, it was one of my earlier posts.

Some of the features of the curl pods are:
  • 18 large curl pods
  • Heat up in 5 minutes
  • Ready to use indicator 
  • On/off button
  • 1.8m cord
  • Carry handle 
  • Storage pouch for pods 
  • High temperature performance.

Little note the place where the rollers heat up only hold 12 pods so once you have used 6 of them then go ahead and put the spare 6 in their place to heat up. 

What makes these rollers different to others is that you don't need any extra clips or pins you just roll up and click. 

So I start of by switching them on and while they are heating up, I begin preparing my hair by applying heat protectant, brushing through and sectioning my hair.

Once they are heated up I start of with the bottom section of my hair, I take larger sections of my hair and roll them up and click into place. I then continued doing section by section using larger chunks of hair. I did find that some of them began to drop a bit as I was rolling them up, but I think that was due to my hair. My hair generally struggles with heated rollers so I expected them to drop. 

I then left them in for about 10-15 minutes until they were all cool, you could leave them in as long as you like to hold the curl for longer but I didn't have the time on this day to do so. To take them out you just pull them so that they are separated and then unravel from your hair. 

My hair turned out a bit hit and miss some sections were great and some were not. I would probably need to use smaller sections for my hair as it generally doesn't hold a curl that well. But for my second go I am impressed, and I have found out that you can order more pods which I may end up doing that. 

Overall it is a great product, produces great results and for someone like me who struggles with rollers, it defiantly helps. I would recommend these to others. They are around £60 to buy but totally worth the money.

I hope you liked this review, leave a comment down below and tell me what is your favourite hair tool?

I have recently got Instagram for my blog which you can check out at I will see you Saturday with a baking/cooking post.

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